copied the product like this because of plagiarism, so excellent

17 Jul 2017 admin

personally feel that the product design of the Internet is a fast iterative process first, followed by a constantly being copied, copied, copied and so a big iterative process, the whole process is a spiral. The condition that you can become a good designer is whether you can copy". Because copy, so copy more.


yes, I am a copying designer of Internet products.

I don’t deny this. If a product module is not designed, I’ll hesitate to take a copy of my competitors or something like that. Then I will give my users the test, and finally revise and perfect it.

my plagiarism process was probably like this:

The same


got a requirement and analyzed it and compared it with the products I’ve seen in my head. If not, go search. Discover the similarities between the products I’m making now and the products I’ve used before.

2 different


seriously uses a product that is similar to what I’m doing now, to see how people react to their products, and I use my own opinions and knowledge to make a judgment. Look at what they do well, which is what they do badly, which is feasible for them, but not on my product.

, for example, Gmail mail function to do very strong, anti spam module is also very good, but the analogy to do e-commerce website mail system, it is absolutely not worth the candle.

3) combination

after studying all the similar functions of the product, I will find that the A home did not login prompted to do very well, B home for copy optimization is very popular, C home information architecture is very broken. Then what I need to do is to integrate the advantages of A, B, C and three, and then copy them separately.

yes, copying a product completely is a low-level plagiarism, and it is not a serious plagiarism.

4) optimize

maybe similar products D’s ideas are good, but things really sucks, with a super. I would choose to copy his ideas and optimize them.

, for example, before doing e-commerce platform, shop system, there is a small station to engage in a "shop next door" small functions. But when you click the "neighborhood store" button, he just opens all the stores in a new page. I think the idea is too bad, but the design is too bad. So, I also made a module of the next door shop, and I changed the rules to randomly display one from the same shop in the same shop as the current user