Baidu, please don’t leave the station alone

17 Jul 2017 admin


should be Chinese owners are most concerned about the number of search engines, Baidu included will directly affect the income, every day most of the time, is in their own site to have a good ranking and work hard. From the point of view of search accuracy, Baidu really did a good job. But for more comprehensive data, I think Google is more user-friendly. The mechanism of punishment Baidu sometimes too harsh, resulting in a lot of good websites have been abandoned, perhaps Baidu is to provide more accurate retrieval, no doubt is a guarantee in search of the user, but this invisible threshold has blocked a large part of Qin bitter maintenance of the website.

As everyone knows

Baidu update is updated at 26 per month and the usual Monday and Thursday will also do some daily update, many webmaster to update a day is always on tenterhooks, for fear of their own web site is K included reducing the flow immediately is greatly reduced and the recovery included don’t is that God knows how long. My site to find the source code, but also because network management carelessness, pseudo static settings 404 error, the return value of 200, was Baidu little punishment. Although just a little punishment, traffic immediately from 5000IP per day to less than 2000IP, although immediately find the problem and actively solve, but the bitter pill can only swallow its own. SITE a bit, Baidu included sharply reduced to more than 1000 pages, and Google more than 46000 page and not too much change. Take a closer look at the statistics, traffic is almost all Google, and the previous 70% traffic from Baidu, contrast is simply a world of difference. I was thinking, Google can be so generous to accept us a little mistake, why do Baidu care so much,


people may still more accustomed to using Baidu, maybe the reason is the localization, perhaps feel more humane, the use of the Google crowd has been framed in a relatively small range, we often can not find what you want in the Baidu to use Google to try, this is probably the reason, Baidu the success of Google fall but I think everything is not immutable and frozen, when Baidu strict system to almost harsh, when a large number of valuable data just because they do not comply with the so-called rules are out of the K, when people need more time can compare data, accurate search Baidu is not really able to meet


I very much hope that Baidu is more strong, this is done for Chinese of China brand selfishness, but also hope that Baidu can let the webmaster heartfelt love, not fear, SEO said that the best way is not to SEO, but which stationmaster dare not SEO, not a few can live SEO what is the SEO?? SEO is Baidu Love rules? Everyone in order to let Baidu love desperately to modify the sites to allow Baidu to favor. For a long time, Baidu will have a habit of self, your site I feel uncomfortable, do not you, what can you do? It actually led to a topic, Baidu is the achievements of the webmaster, or the majority of.