Jiang Pingzhong inside the 19 floor is how to develop the community

17 Jul 2017 admin

recently, Jiang Pingzhong at the forum to see some questions of "19 floor forum is how to develop the" here today, Jiang Pingzhong had to be "19 Building Community" growth story to share with you. Generally speaking, the domestic well-known local communities in Xiamen, Hefei, Changzhou fish community forum in Longgang, Hangzhou nineteen building, we can access their community that they have many common characteristics, to promote the community portal to the community, to enrich the mode of portal. The community will display the content to the portal home page to attract traffic, enrich the portal page content; on the other hand, with the portal page web site brand, the accumulation of users, leading to the community, the community active in order to further consolidate the status of the local portal.

Hangzhou 19 floor is like this, no longer separate forums enabled, BBS such two level domain name independent. Many local websites not what features, content alone reproduced some news in the newspaper, the local website wants to get sustainable development, must hope that netizens interact on the website, allowing users to create content, the use of regional culture resources, the content for the website won popularity and peer reputation, Internet users recognition, finally won the development of the market opportunity and favor.

19 floor is composed of city express play forum, interactive space provides a city life service Hangzhou local delicacy, housing, tourism, pull the wind, flea, job, friends, family. For example, parent-child forum, and city express new version of the corresponding amount of post, every day in the tens of thousands, which topics are parenting topics, such as: Today my child how, where there is a good sell milk, these topics are relatively concentrated, businesses will come around, see where to sell milk the topic will answer, of course 19 floor of the commercial nature of the topic of strict management, there will be deleted, users can express their views and opinions, but not to leave a contact address, etc.. 19 floor new opening section, will make a survey in the forum, listen to the user’s opinions, what sections do popularity, what sections do content, a saliva forum is no commercial value.

19 building is a newspaper background community, many local newspapers are now in transition, but also the development of the Internet industry. Therefore, the 19 floor has a daily circulation of 800 thousand of the daily publicity for it, the 19 floor early crowd, in fact, newspapers for decades we tired network. The newspaper is their core resource, through this core resources, only the 19 floor of the post. On the 19 floor, once with the business partnership to carry on the promotion activity, discovered that after 19 floor registers the user group, basically is the young white-collar worker about 30 years old, this is precisely he seeks the target customer. The 19 floor is moving towards the goal of "China’s largest city community website". As of September 2011, the site has registered users exceeding 15 million, of which Hangzhou local users accounted for 2/3, active users exceeded 1 million 300 thousand. In 2010, the 19 floor of the net profit has been close to 20>