Consolidating core competitiveness competitive strategy between commercial websites and news website

17 Jul 2017 admin

news website and commerce is a strategic partner, to provide products to the news website news portal, is one of the important partner portal upstream content supply, and make the network media market amidst the winds of change of competitors, the two have different advantages and disadvantages. In the fierce market competition, only by strengthening the strengths and circumvent weaknesses and finding the right way for development can we survive and develop.

business website: to establish a diversified profit model suitable for its own characteristics

commercial website system is flexible, quick response, rich capital, no system and traditional concept of bondage, and in the news website competition is obviously in a dominant position. The development of commercial websites in order to achieve a better, in addition to continue to maintain the original advantages, and in the information collection of depth and time, also must find their own position, and actively seek and create characteristic and their development direction, go personalized development road.

in several major commercial sites, in addition to Sina News, Baidu started by positioning search, QQ is committed to the main im remains unchanged, the remaining sites are constantly groping gradually establish their own positioning. The NetEase in the event of the 2001 crisis after the suspension, took the main direction from the news to the network game business, by virtue of the independent development of the local online "Westward Journey online II", "Fantasy Westward Journey online" played a nice turnaround, the e-mail is second to none in the commercial website. After several explorations, TOM will place its profit on telecom value-added services. First, the stock has long been low Sohu in recent years have made a "Sohu matrix" banner is not for ever in various fields, have acquired the focus, 17173, and ChinaRen map service, developed the "search engine Sogou", and by virtue of online games, "knights" "sword", "eight guardians" "the deer", obtained huge profits. Sohu game business success, to a certain extent revitalize the Sohu whole business group, a proportion of the advertising revenue and profit sources, Zhang Zhaoyang declared that the goal of the Sohu is aspiring to enter the domestic game industry top three. Sohu’s next step is one of the focuses of the industry. At the same time, Sina and QQ are also constantly exploring new profit models, Sina in the past few years to develop "celebrity blog", QQ push "automatic pop-up news" are clear evidence.

as mentioned before, each kind of profit model has its unique characteristics and its special value, but a website development success, not only depends on a model of a success, but depends on the website of the product structure and the reasonable combination of. The single profit model is easy to suffer setbacks and blows in the competitive Internet media world, and is not conducive to the requirements of sustainable development. 1. For example, the network game achievements of the NetEase, also let NetEase from almost become a "disputes among sects, have portal business game company". But network game operation is affected by the success or failure of single game and life cycle