How fast do you know how fast webmasters get free logo designs

17 Jul 2017 admin

with the development of the Internet, the record is more strict, the increasingly high cost, before tens of dollars to build a station, now from the quick record this point to hundreds of yuan, the owners do not do well, logo design as part of an indispensable website attracts more and more attention of webmaster, has the advantages of beautiful logo design we should all know, increase the user experience, improve their website brand awareness, and even change the link or change some, many webmaster do first logo website, a beautiful logo design, do stand more power and the benefit of the logo design I will not say, all know the importance of logo, but now the design of a good logo design, the price is not cheap, ranging from tens of dollars to more than a thousand yuan, the quality and the price is proportional to the square, there is no shortcut what We can get high quality free logo design? I’m going to tell you there is! Through years of collecting and summarizes the current several mainstream logo online generation website, I will set out its advantages and disadvantages, please choose. Recommendation Index assumes you

55 is one of the first batch of online website Chinese generated, the template is also very much, logo design is a design of online channel current overall online generation, with statistics of approximately logo more than 500 design templates, to stand and Taobao store, the whole page atmosphere, a faster, but template all is static and background is one of the biggest drawbacks.

this station emphasizes banner online design, logo is not very pay attention to, the quality and quantity of the template are more general, but there are still some templates are more attractive

1, concise list style (unfortunately slow to update)


2, the generated page is very concise,


advantages: the earliest online generation sites, big fame, fast generation, most of the templates are free

disadvantages: fewer templates, all templates are not transparent, and the overall design quality is common.

2. source LOGO Recommendation Index assumes


listen to know the name of is based on logo’s website, a website is also personally I love the water, logo nets and other stations the biggest difference is that only by a professional design company to operate, therefore the design quality is the best, and it’s all free, static and dynamic a gradient, transparent effect, logo template, template is the most abundant website, through further in-depth understanding of that website function super powerful, designer platform, if you are a designer can directly through the background design.