Du Dance the stationmaster pays as long as he works. (Continued)

17 Jul 2017 admin

once wrote the site experience, the equivalent of your profile, is the webmaster, thank you brother top friends here, thank you www.admin5.com for my approval, so I have a deep feeling of release is original or preferred A5, the article did not see you again reading it, this time for everyone to write a sequel to http://s.admin5.com/article/20090702/163156.shtml.

following an article written on it, said a "more often to the webmaster, more can maximize the value of personal website!" people have doubt, say, but how hard? In what direction? How to achieve maximum value? Below I will talk about this problem.

we all know now we rely on traffic to make money slowly become the past, everyone is more ideal for network thinking, the network is no longer tool Denver crazy, has gradually become a lot of rich entrepreneurial dreams, now Chinese personal webmaster two hundred or three hundred million, the problem is how to you in this two to three million in talent shows itself.

1. First personal website analysis and tips

we are all personal webmaster, the establishment of the website basically only for a special group services. The success of the A5 forum is to capture the hearts of the webmaster. Samsung’s success lies in the white-collar bourgeoisie, Baidu post success, is to grasp the students. Personal property is missing personal websites, but should focus on the advantages of the main attack after a subdivision of the target group. For example, if you want to do a forum, the national Internet users included, and pictures, movies, music, jokes seem to be grabbed, ages, but no feature, also cannot be gathered popularity. On the contrary, if you put in the forum as a special group to provide services, such as a hip-hop forum, want to start to do a business network such as www.ruhechuangye.com, for people to do a love storytelling storytelling forum, then love dance, you certainly do not necessarily in a forum, a couple of million in stationmaster talent shows itself but also to do a bonanza, personal webmaster ~ ~ if you want to do, I suggest it is best to match, this will be more effective, I this is a decoration company designer, so I made www.webyw.cn decoration knowledge network, only you on this aspects have more in-depth understanding, more understand, you can know what to your site visitors to


two, personal Adsense should have what?


everyone can say a few, here I must give you a summary.

1., I think personal webmaster should have originality first, innovation spirit! This is very important!


2. personal webmaster must keep up with "times", others home in A5 Learning >