Grassroots individual AdSense for success half of the factors

17 Jul 2017 admin

yesterday evening to idle and university students to talk to him a few years to do the experience, the more talk the more vigorously. I listen to the ecstasy, deeply felt his as an ordinary grassroots personal webmaster bitterness, for he lost many opportunities, deeply sigh.

my classmates 06 years graduation to return home in Ji’nan, was in Ji’nan to find a network company engaged in web design work, a colleague at the start of the study of personal website in this network the company he found, in the colleagues and suggestions (wages 1000+ own a little better than to stand strong to work, is always a matter of expediency), my old classmates also make their own personal website. Now after a lapse of 3 years, his colleagues rely on their own to do a foreign forum early resignation home became a full-time personal webmaster, earn 6000RMB+, my classmates 3 years have done a few websites, eventually still only a small. He and I chatted about this a few years do stand experience, in 06 years he began to do stand when several stations planned are Ji’nan local industry website and do the first, profit model is also clear and absolutely effective (because he didn’t do it to others with his mode of success). But because of the time and many other reasons, a few small didn’t survive, finally summed up his own failure to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and he said: I do not mainly Tashi station, bent bigger, originally kindergarten resources website is very good, but the lack of what to do, early education, breeding, nutrition, child what all done, the results are not good, even if not do his best when the station operators have several companies to work with him, but he didn’t have time for work and busy.

recently often see websites such as A5 do the station there are many prawns wrote what do the main station is to choose someone else to do, or is the beginning of your industry is Top1, say good, but do not say station is the main factor that is: real serious collapse. Let the others didn’t do much for a website, do ordinary grassroots I really did not expect to have a good idea what other people can’t do what I do is only, even if there is a do it can be very easy to succeed, Chinese so many successful websites, some from the beginning is Top1 do it (there are not many but we are not talking to those grassroot expert), prawn writing is very good, to do stand friends to provide good advice but most dependable serious mentality but not emphasize, so the personal website N, now is not alone a good idea, good can be successful times, in the traditional marketing planning, a lot of people attach great importance to creativity, so many people mention network marketing, also the excessive attention to creative ideas, most say Shi Yuzhu is such a tactic But forget the execution of Shi Yuzhu’s planning and operation. Now the personal website so much, not profitable station or the majority, most of the reason I think most are not dependably seriously, blindly imitate others, once the problem could not hold his own mind, do not stop.