mpression notes face bankruptcy – how about $1 billion worth of corporate death

17 Jul 2017 admin

(Preface) impression notes, valued at $1 billion in 2012, only registered users in China in 2015 has reached 15 million.


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notes, not only launched a little creativity and emerge in an endless stream, at any time any place can be synchronized to log in to your account, so many people give up Word to a new recording mode, it is also a change in the Silicon Valley of the American Technology Corp in China only lessons of cognition, is created an era.

however, when the famous Silicon Valley investor, Bill ·, predicted that in 2015 there would be at least one dead Unicorn company. Impression notes, unfortunately, has become recognized in 2015 will be the first to die "unicorn" company (company of venture capital industry, valued at more than $1 billion called the "unicorn" company) today to analyze why investors have serious impression notes to decay.

"no passion,"

in recent years, the industry has called "impression notes" is a "perennial silent" company. There has been no big action in the past few years, nor have any news.


, for a unicorn enterprise CEO, the core responsibility is to find ways to attract and retain talent. However, the founder of Libin in public once said, "not so care about the future of the company", "after all, no enthusiasm" this kind of words. Think of Silicon Valley in California. There are countless big companies, small companies, start-up companies that trust to look at these people every day. And you year-round big boss, so indifferent words and attitude, to a weird COO (COO) are perennial dry mouths did not come until June of this year.

at the end of July this year, to silence anechoic impression notes bear finally, engage in a big move, before it is fired by the CEO, Google glasses executive Chris · O’neal to succeed. As the new president took office, O’neal’s speech is tepid, he said: "my mission is to lead the team to do the next stage of the product, increase profits, at the same time, to maintain a good impression of the one and only notes."

here, just want to focus on reports quoting the famous Silicon Valley technology correspondent Kathy Newton a twitter to summarize, "a new CEO company told the official ceremony to this extent, really let me deeply for the enterprise’s future

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impression notes are a handful of successful Silicon Valley technology companies in China, thanks largely to unconventional strategies.

seems to be the most powerful company in the United States, Facebook and D.