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May 4, 2009,

today early morning update, notify the students call results: check to school! As the saying goes, the gun fight bird, I got the bid of · · · · station has not been at Baidu, who first taught at the office.

maybe this article today is written a little non mainstream, because contrary to some opinions and will usually teachers inculcate. But anyway, I want to write it out. I hope someday, someone will understand our special group student stationmaster.

students webmaster, I don’t know whether you and I also helpless. Every day, someone asks, "do you play games every day in your dorm? Is that interesting? I’m a station owner. What’s the station?


here today, I do not have the right to dare even more, to comment on all kinds of network start-ups. I just want to share my experience with you, and it will be enough to arouse a little reflection or empathy.

Network Entrepreneurship, in the eyes of 80 is not a hot, not cold topic. We live in the age of the Internet, and are destined to become the master of the Internet! Our new age, living environment is relatively superior to many previous generations, have not experienced the historical and political turmoil, has not experienced major economic fluctuations. Often the ability to accept new things stronger, in terms of aesthetic and values are also quite different from previous generations. That’s why many parents can’t convince us when their parents convince us, because times have changed. Many examples of reality tell us: "good grades are no guarantee of success."." And the student stationmaster seems to be aware of this earlier than his parents,


, let’s take a look at the 2001 rich list:

NO1: Bill, ·, Gates, 45, dropout at Harvard,

NO3: Paul · Alan, 48, dropout from University of Washington,

NO4: Laurence · Allison, 56, dropping out of Illinois University,

I’m not advocating useless reading. Reading is very important. So why should we limit our knowledge to textbooks when reading books are so important?

, let’s look at a case:

Taiwan every year the birth of the university entrance exam four champion, science and engineering champion, literature and history, champion, law, business champion, medical, agricultural champion. Four are born each year, 20 were born 80. Where did the 80 top men go?

, the Taiwan Department of education made a carpet tracking, and found that half of them were teaching.

knew the champion to teach why did they have to be a champion? Overkill is! "