5 years’ survival and development of public welfare websites

17 Jul 2017 admin


;       survival survey of public service websites

background: with the popularity and development of the Internet, more and more websites appear in the Internet. They play different roles in different roles. In these websites, they can be classified into profit and commonweal. As a public welfare website, it can be maintained and run by individuals and groups. The Internet has more and more public service websites because of its timeliness and strong dissemination.

in Ningbo as an example, we selected two well-known public website: every day, China tracing network medical network, the emergence, survival and development were investigated.

The survival and development of 5 years

public website – Chinese medical network www.zgxyw.org road

March 2003, carefully organized and planned, China medical network (www.schooldoctor.org) officially formed. The domain name schooldocctor.org meaning: schooldoctor, school doctor, the doctor;.Org English organation. Foreign registration: schooldoctor.net was registered in Orlean, USA, and schooldoctor.com was registered by new zealanders. The registration of Schooldoctor.org has a high international significance. The registration and construction China medical network over China has no medical professional website of her history, is the founder of Zhenjiang health school Jiangsu Medical Grade 98 and Grade 99 Wang Guangbiao Ji Zhiyang medical college.

study in Zhenjiang health school two years, doctors often can learn from the doctor who has been working to their work after the title is not assessed, the treatment can not improve the situation. Once, they in order to understand the medical aspects of the information, almost zero in the online search results, this situation makes them feel heartache, and decided to create a school belonging to their own website, must let the country really pay attention to the role of the doctor. After graduation Ji Zhiyang in order to survive, began working in Ningbo career, and 99 Wang Guangbiao is Xuzhou First People’s Hospital practice. At this time, they did not forget the oath, so please, self financing, software development, registration of the domain name schooldoctor.org website, known as China medical network. It is time for the national SARS outbreak day, establish China medical website for our school, provides a platform for exchange and learning in the school of health workers, for the majority of medical spirit give encouragement, to overcome the SARS epidemic made distinctions won in battle.

in August of the same year, sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education, Chinese Medical Co magazine, Jiangsu Zhenjiang health school, the school hosted the national medical health workers.