n response to the frequent adjustment of Baidu in 2013, how should the novice webmaster cope with i

17 Jul 2017 admin

with Baidu search engine technology promotion, 2013 Baidu often adjustment algorithm has become a homely food, for the old owners, for many years of practical experience in SEO has already allowed them to make timely adjustments to the new algorithm, so for the novice webmaster, should how to deal with? The following small share of personal experience, hope for the novice the webmaster can help


one, select the high-quality old domain name

It is best to use the

domain name no bad record of the old domain name, the domain name old than the new domain name has obvious advantage is that the old domain has innate advantages: included fast, as long as every day to update the site according to the law of one month, basically can form the second phenomenon; Baidu audit period shortened, which is about three weeks. As long as the good rankings are generally good. As to where to find high-quality old domain name, novice webmaster can go to A5 domain name trading zone to see.

two, do a good job of website content

We all know that

, 9-10 in 2012 a massive blow to Baidu for low quality sites, many websites almost overnight no ranking, serious or even K, because most of the small and medium-sized site (especially personal site) are released directly to the collection of articles to the site, this is a lesson to good website content there is no good way, Xiao Bian gave new Adsense a sentence: "a hard, a harvest, as long as adhere to + industrious, adhere to the content of the website to do, will have unexpected results".

three, only do high quality of the chain and friends chain

The advent of

February 2013 19 Scindapsus algorithm, which in turn is linked to the sale, a heavy blow to the black chain of cheating, it also shows that Baidu oath and cheating fight determination! February 20, 2013, small morning to see the site, found that 1/3 of the links to be search engine punishment, no ranking, Xiaobian found one common point: punished site, is a few months of the new station, a large number of these new sites do the chain of garbage in the short term, there are several Links without any cheating punishment, this should be the search engine to injure. So, the novice webmaster just remember a word: "the chain will do high weight, the important point is that related to the site to release Links; to see the other side of the time domain, snapshot, included is normal, more important is the search engine ranking is good!"


finally, the new Adsense must insist, site need to be raised slowly, a long time, such as the content of the website is more and more abundant, the user experience better, then the chain and Links auxiliary, so afraid of your website ranking is not good? In fact, most novice webmaster are fishing for three days two days, think the website included snapshot update slow, slow, give up, this is normal, as long as we.