How do select a good hosting space

17 Jul 2017 admin

is now more and more websites on the Internet, mainly for more and more people personal website, personal website is generally less likely to choose independent server, so personal website mostly buy virtual hosting space.

how to buy a good host for the first time the construction site of people is indeed a very confusing problem, because it is the first website, so often with play or try the psychological, so most people generally do not want to spend a lot of money, so those people most love at first site is a kind of the price is very cheap in the space business. But in general, cheap goods are not good, but this is not absolute, and sometimes expensive goods are not good, so how to buy a satisfactory virtual host space is indeed a relatively difficult thing.

‘s space currently the host of this piece of business management confusion, bluff and deceive everywhere, one not careful you will be cheated. So, is there any way you can try to avoid buying a garbage space? The method is still available. Here are some rules and experiences:

1, you have to make sure your website to use what procedures, if used in some applications, such as BBS program, you will not be able to buy the static web page space, you should buy is a dynamic space, namely ASP, PHP, space program. Static page space is to delete the page * * * * * * * * than the moderator space much cheaper, the establishment of the first people often because of lack of experience, only to see the mistake to buy the cheap static space.

2, when you’re ready to buy space from a virtual hosting provider, you first have to determine the background of the space provider. How to determine its background, taking it certainly has its own website, then you can use a search engine to search the website information, there must be other people’s evaluation of the space of the content on the Internet, other people in the space business review more or less can give you some reference value. Of course, if it is a small space that is unknown to the public.

after reading the evaluation of other people’s space providers, you should also look at the space provider’s website how?. Look at his website is not normal, is not designed to have a characteristic point, because many small business space they do not have their own independent design ", their own website using some other website program. But the big space providers don’t do that. Most of them have their own independent websites. You can also look at the space business website calls, if the space business only a mobile phone or simply leave some email or QQ number, the space that is not to be trusted, how do you believe that even a fixed number of not taking


3, look at the space business, there is no free trial period, you can almost think so, if there is no free trial space, you can not consider. Because you don’t try, how do you know him?