Grassroots webmaster how to survive in the crevice

17 Jul 2017 admin


profit threat to grassroots Adsense

1 owners too much, Monk Tang Shao, forces are too scattered most Adsense still belongs to the closed doors, anti risk ability is poor.

2, the financial crisis, the external environment is bad, greatly reducing the influx of Internet hot money. By the union that little commission to live, has been hungry to the back of the chest, the heart is still not practical.

3, traffic income in the hands of Baidu and GG, as a brother said: "the human body’s 2 testicles" in the hands of others, we can be comfortable


4, copyright today, tomorrow the vulgar, the day after tomorrow off the net, from time to time be what a horse. It is human, not human, that can clean us up. One word: Yu ~ ~ the day has to go, ah, and exhausted the body and mind, and brothers together to explore the next way out. The winter has passed, can spring be far behind? Is a long way to go, I will seek.


, first, adjust your thinking, the following way how to continue to go on, do not limit yourself to a dead end. Your way of thinking will determine your success or failure. What can I do to make it go further, more steadily and more smoothly?. Throw all the League Baidu GOOGLE alimama away. Don’t look at other people’s faces when you want to do something in the future.

second, stick to their ideals, to tighten their belts and continue to struggle. Forced to rely on to boil out! I have been a, lost more than six months, so far is still insisting.

third, don’t be busy doing station, leisure more than filial parents, care for family and friends more exchanges, more than Admin5, make some good teachers and helpful friends will have a greater sense of harvest.

fourth, if you have any qualifications, go find a big tree,

fifth, has left the bank warned, the other large industry expert, tongue, and wish you all the best OM too late is long winded so much, good morning. Here is no advertising, leaving a QQ:31288, want to exchange brothers.