Doing emotional products on the nternet may not be good soon

17 Jul 2017 admin

How to do Internet plus

traditional enterprises, the successful experience of millet, WeChat and Yu Ebao are worth learning. As the Internet in recent years, three of the most successful products, user experience needless to say, if it has feelings of the product, the three cross-border PC to mobile Internet "with feelings", summarize the successful experience of millet, WeChat, Yu Ebao, the expert concluded: "now the promotion of a slow Wesley today is very dangerous products. If you don’t brush it up at once, it’s very difficult to popularize. No one likes the time when Fang Fang died……"

in the Internet to promote products, playing "family card", so that customers moved, "full of feelings", and in a few days to achieve this effect, then, a step away from success. But the fact is not like this, millet, WeChat, Yu Ebao, the logic of thinking of the "hammer" mobile phone, is the very feelings of the product, the final price to disappear in the mobile phone market, mobile phone if we mention cutting-edge, may see the GREE mobile phone, mobile phone to see 360, no final hammer the logic of thinking; with countless fans, but by the logic of thinking do not let mobile phone user moved, although fast, but ultimately as a meteor, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum disappeared!

Why do the same to the feelings of

products, and "the hammer" on hold "in the world before the feelings of the banner, but ultimately failed? We put aside the feelings, reasons of millet, WeChat, Yu Ebao’s success, from another point of view, may be able to find the answer.

What is

to millet, "scream", launched last year, red rice millet note ultra low price, almost completely break the same mobile phone in the hands of users and then through the bottom line price, hunger marketing, millet development speed like a rocket like flying speed. Look at the history of the development of mobile phone millet, in fact, has been 5 years, if the 818 founder Lei Jun millet Internet experience, also has more than 20 years, with more than 20 years of industry experience, and then use the intelligent mobile phone mobile phone millet to break monopoly price, make the intelligent mobile phone price jump of water from the ten year cycle shortened to one to two years, that is Millet’s attractions, see the future of mobile phone market price trend, to do it in advance, millet success is not accidental.

WeChat production team leader Zhang Xiaolong said: "the birth of WeChat, not to replace the money tool messages, but a way of life!" WeChat is a subversive, but also the mobile Internet iconic products, deeply leveraging the traditional industry pattern, so it is the balance of treasure, in the traditional financial products to 50 thousand is the lowest under the premise of a lot of financial demands were rejected, the traditional financial products dropped below 50 thousand of the users, and the balance of treasure, this part of the user as their most loyal customers, find a market gap, a successful

!What is the

feelings, on the Internet, the user and the product directly linked, enterprises through the user of the product emotion recognition, through the brand story, through social means to attract the user’s attention, trying to homogenization in the product today hit love >