Late Lai watercress, whether it can catch the wave of mobile end

17 Jul 2017 admin

I dark horse: watercress eleven applications undoubtedly dismembered the site’s comprehensiveness. However, compared to the previous snail speed, the integrated application took only one month to develop. Unfortunately, it is still relatively shabby and not satisfactory. But if we can improve ourselves according to the feedback from those loyal users, we can still make a difference.

for the vast text of green pseudo Wen Qing, the "watercress" APP on-line may be an exciting news. Look at the continued release of watercress before 11 separate applications, is not everyone’s first reaction is: finally no longer entangled in the end which is just under the


but soon, we have found the idea of naive, because of the comprehensive application, this has been given too much expectation function simple, even watercress not satisfy any one independent APP user experience. Although the search for three years in exchange for today’s unification, and finally released products, somewhat somewhat unsatisfactory. And the development of only a month of APP on the rush line, and really do not like the founder of watercress (Yang Bo North) Virgo personality.

The blog posted by

North said it was a search process in the depths of the soul. Then there was the reputation of "the most powerful tool in the history of the Qing Dynasty", which was given by netizens. Ah North wants it to be an "application for a mobile phone" rather than a "mobile version of watercress", and wants it to be "wider, farther, future"". So there is a similar instant messaging, like group discussion, similar social interest, and similar public comment of grotesque APP. In the mobile terminal strategy, because of misjudgment and lose the opportunity to watercress, can be redeemed by their own users to break up the heart?

How does an ugly

icon carry the belief of literature and art?

please revision from Tucao site venue Tucao application update ah North may launch it, ready to welcome criticism from all sides to. If the bean in the website version of the once accused by many users and recover the original simplicity "not overdo sth. then the watercress APP on the line, perhaps at the beginning of the Its loopholes appeared one after another. a touchstone, for their gathering user feedback left behind. However, such a start, not to determine the true cause of

hated by both man and God "?

first, for a force has always been a high lattice sites, even if the design of a eleven APP is not sufficient for the application icon and lay a solid foundation, but the watercress APP icon this one looks similar to the flag to change the color of the star, in the end is a few mean that people live? Face, representing the majority of young artists aesthetic watercress, at least in the facade, can not be forced to downgrade its own price. Of course, the flaw icon is good, at least it makes me believe that only the design and development of this App is really more than a month.

, what about literature and art?

well, we think of ourselves as not just a superficial person, but an emphasis on content