Dry goods Fuzhou decoration company soft Wen how to write

17 Jul 2017 admin

has been working in the SEO industry in the last year. Today, Fuzhou decoration company in the home page of the site http://s.hq020.com/, for example, give you a brief introduction, decoration industry website optimization, how to operate the soft text.

before and after doing intermittent, about three or four years of soft Wen, soft Wen quality has always been the webmaster is very concerned about the problem. So how can we make high conversion, high-quality soft Wen?. Here are some of my experiences:

soft text marketing is a very effective way of marketing, but also in the network marketing stand a large share. Normal effect of good soft Wen marketing, there are two ways, one is the original soft Wen, one is pseudo original, soft text.

as the literal meaning, the original soft Wen is their own inquiries through various materials and their own practical experience gained experience, feelings, and the use of some items. While the original soft can play a very good marketing effect, but also because of the original soft original, original content website, to search engine, is a new thing, the quality of the search engine will be to assess according to the readability of the original articles and can meet the needs of customers. The quality of the original content of the website determines the weight of the website and the trust degree of the search engine to the website.

although soft text marketing promotion on the site of great influence, it is very important, but high quality original soft Wen but not much. Personally think, high quality original soft Wen, should have the following points:

one. It can be highly summarized and has a very attractive title for users. Title has always been the essence of soft Wen promotion. An impact heading will have a high conversion rate.

two. The content should be divided into three categories,

A. original articles introduced, including parameters and other professional, especially strong soft wen. This is the original soft Wen, in the most difficult, because some of the parameters that are professional and professional vocabulary is fixed, to their vocabulary and composition attractive to smooth soft, strong writing skills and integrated editing ability. In general, such paragraphs are more flexible, but it is better to control within 15 paragraphs. And the beginning, the end, must associate the article with the reader.

B. original description soft Wen, that is, some things use method, storage method, etc.. Such soft Wen, the difficulty is moderate, it is best to use some of the methods of life and practical experience associated with, convincing.

C. original experience soft, that is to sum up some of the author’s personal feelings and suggestions. Such soft, personal feel actually is the best of these three kinds of writing, because this soft Wen, you can absolutely original, one thousand people can write one thousand kinds of experience for a thing. This is the deep sense of high quality soft Wen, can attract readers to their own world. So as to achieve the final conversion rate >