Fresh electricity supplier Webvan bankruptcy revelation twenty years ago to do O2O, 2 years burned $

17 Jul 2017 admin

Abstract: the entrepreneurial approach of rocket launching has many fatal defects from the methodological point of view. The core of the problem is that it is not user centered, but self centred.

was founded in 1996 in the United States O2O WEBVAN in fresh enterprise users don’t see, burn $40 million to build a warehouse after the expansion is also a great writer, until the collapse, they burn $1 billion 200 million — it was 2001.

has become a disastrous failure in the history of American entrepreneurship, which has made venture capitalists talk about "online fresh", and made American online fresh 20 years ago, but now lags behind china. However, Amazon did the same thing, but in another way, he succeeded.

for a long time, "rocket launched entrepreneurial thinking" in Silicon Valley is very mainstream. Let’s imagine the scene of the rocket launch. What will happen when it hits the launch button?

‘s first result was a successful launch, which everyone would like to see;

the second result was a fiasco, and the rocket exploded in the air;

the third result is silent.

in fact, only a small proportion of rocket launchers are silent. But in business practice, more than 70% of the "launch" belongs to the third case.

, that is, by pressing the button, the market had no response, neither a positive response nor a negative response. For entrepreneurship, this is the biggest waste. Because even if there are only negative responses, you can learn some lessons from it.

rocket launch type entrepreneurial thinking there is a huge drawback: in the entrepreneurial process, the lack of continuous feedback, trial and verification, and all bets are concentrated in the last moment to press the button. But in the process of entrepreneurship, if you wait until the moment you press the button, it may be too late.

started doing O2O 20 years ago, but Webvan has taken the industry into the abyss,

Webvan is the "rocket launched entrepreneurial thinking" to the extreme of a case, it is precisely because of this case, triggering the Silicon Valley began to re-examine and positioning entrepreneurial thinking.

Webvan is a fresh grocery supplier, the market segments are raw fruits and vegetables. The company started almost 20 years ago, in 1996, trying to cut online fresh groceries. Webvan uses our very fashionable O2O model, which enables users to complete an order on the line, while the offline is a large warehouse with a distribution team around the warehouse.

, however, Webvan did a very crazy thing before seeing the first user. It spent $40 million on a warehouse in San Francisco, serving residents within a radius of 60 miles across the city of San Francisco.