7 mainstream B2C home navigation bar design comparison analysis

17 Jul 2017 admin

is a very clear target user, he will use the search function to quickly complete the purchase, but if the user only determines the shopping category, the specific target has not been determined, then the navigation bar will play its due role. Analysis of 7 mainstream B2C website here (Jingdong, Dangdang, Yi Xun, suning.com, new egg, Gome mall, shop) design of the home page navigation bar, to compare the difference between them, feel the humanized function.

three level classification display details contrast

easy fast by the popular small class in a class category, the 1st shop will choose popular small class to distinguish colors, are considering all kinds of design, because of easy fast is not comprehensive electricity supplier, a number of categories without Jingdong integrated electricity supplier category, can be done in a kung fu class category, and a shop on a class more, choose to distinguish the marked hot 3 grade classification using color.


, figure 1., shop No. 1 distinguishes the popular small classes in color from


figure 2. Yi Xun in navigation bar level category below placed hot small class


navigation bar expands the details compared to

navigation bar level menu expansion, in addition to Yi Xun, the other 6 sites after the expansion of the 2 menu positions are fixed. But Yi Xun is according to the user specific menu to start the two visit, to ensure that all two level menu can be displayed on the user’s screen, although the details may have little effect, but to give the user the feeling is the website designers very carefully.


figure 3., a class category near the browser edge, Jingdong mall navigation bar two menu display incomplete

, let’s see how the quick navigation bar shows up:


figure 4. easy navigation bar two level menu display (1)

when the "Yi Xun" category is close to the browser edge, the navigation bar two level menu display, such as:


figure 5. easy navigation bar two level menu display (two)

Comparison of

brand display and promotion recommendation

brand display module only fast and no, because Yi Xun is more of the brand into the 3 category to go. Other sites have brand display, the United States also adopts pictures and text two modes of display.


figure 6. Gome navigation bar brand display