How to use Tencent classroom mining precise users

17 Jul 2017 admin

has been rolling around for a week, and the two day of the week doesn’t feel like it anymore. Do you have this feeling? We haven’t been in the weekend yet, and the weekend is over. Today is the first day after the company moved, because the distance from the original office location is half an hour’s journey, so got up early, feeling after moving a little pit. The office looks good, but just finished a few days moved in, and the smell of formaldehyde on the way home, also a bit long, this cold day, say more are tears.

a friend asked me, this two days turn, in addition to swarm search and Post Bar forum, what method can find more accurate user groups, so today to write an article on this topic. Careful friends will find that many of my writing inspiration comes from someone asking me questions, finishing up an article about the question, so the material source can do the same.

in fact, about finding accurate users, I did write a lot of articles, but the Tencent classroom this really did not say in detail, although there have been written before, but there is a friend’s reflection is not detailed enough.

tonight comes a highly operational, very detailed dry cargo.

one, Baidu, Tencent classroom, you can also find through search function found, click in, after the search box, enter your industry related keywords. For example, I do network marketing, I will enter the network marketing these words, if you are doing weight loss products, search aerobics or whitening and so on. Figure




two, click on the search button, we see a lot of video, there are a lot of institutions of every hue, the number inside the school from several to tens of thousands have, this is the power of online education, can instantly gather a large number of users, such as the first and more than 20000 class, this is a huge



three, find the registration number more, click in, find their advisory pages, there are a lot of QQ group, such as the following, there are dozens of QQ group, this is a body ah, if you find a few institutions that hundreds of QQ group suddenly get a hand. And their teacher’s QQ can also be added. Why do you understand?. Specific as shown in figure


this is a Tencent in the classroom, now online education website is too much, we can find some more, and don’t cost much time, for example, pass class network can also use the above way to find a lot of precise user, a few months ago Baidu acquired from class, the user group is very large an online education website. Here’s a little more. Just a simple map.



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