A good entry point is half the success of the site

17 Jul 2017 admin

the current production of a site requires technical requirements are not high, through the ready-made site building tools can be built, but not a good entry point, often stay in the "fantasy" stage. Here we discuss how to do a good job site planning.

site construction project – what kind of website


at the beginning of the Bay station, whether it is to make money through it or to achieve personal interest, the need for adequate planning and preparation in advance. Before setting up a website, the most important thing is to determine the type of website. Do you want to be a recreational website or do you want to make a professional forum? If you don’t have a clue yet, you should first establish a website.

establishes the website’s localization, is prepares for the website to provide any aspect content or the service, usually divides into the news, the information category, the electronic commerce class, on-line service kind and so on kind. Then, the positioning of the Bay station, music or games, and so on. But the content is not too broad, like a hodgepodge of website will give people the feeling of neither fish nor fowl, and for individuals to maintain too much content is not easy. Web site should provide core content, but also to highlight their advantages, in order to distinguish from other similar sites, highlighting their own characteristics.

risk avoidance – how to select


said here website content risks include two aspects, first, policy, legal risk, two is the webmaster grasp the risk of content.

policies and laws mainly refer to the question of copyright and other issues, such as the copyright issues of music websites, and remember that websites that violate the existing laws and policies can not be established.

content grasp the risk, mainly refers to whether the webmaster has the ability to control the content of the site. As the current popular financial websites, although promising, but if the owners do not understand completely, the stock fund, even completely rely on the acquisition content website set up for content editing and website promotion, after will feel powerless.

user positioning – for which user groups

web site for whom service, is in the station before, should consider the good question. If you do niche type of site, the user’s range is relatively small, easy to grasp the content, do not need to pay too much energy, but also because of the small audience, in the promotion and other aspects will be more difficult.

should also consider the user needs of the site as well as the location of the user group. If the web site for the group and the actual experience of the webmaster combine, can better grasp the user psychology. If you like the game, you can consider making your favorite game related websites, so that you can better control the style and positioning of the website.