Carrot and stick, from knowing change to website user system construction

17 Jul 2017 admin

since the end of last year, Baidu know advertising is strictly prohibited after the chain, Baidu Adsense, SEOER, know for marketing efforts to attract is greatly reduced, the lack of this part of every day in the know of the "main force" of Baidu, Baidu know the flow rate.


Baidu knows the user system policy has changed quietly,

In order to keep the

in advertising, the hair of the chain "content is meaningless with keywords" so-called "question and answer" continued high pressure policy, effectively gathered popularity, the majority of users and answer questions to stimulate interest, enhance Baidu know station activity, cultivate customer loyalty and brand influence, Baidu know, Baidu know that recently conducted a series of policy adjustments, the intensity is not small changes, Baidu know the official said: "actively try new change, make the process more convenient questions, the main contents are as follows:

implementation of the signature system, in addition to the daily login system users automatically give 2 experience value, as long as the login, continuous attendance can be gradually increased experience value. This objectively reduces the net friend, Baidu know the difficulty of the upgrade, to some extent stimulated Baidu, know the continuous login of the net friend.

second, from this year January 1, Baidu know canceled the questioner (cancel off function problem solving limit), only need to adopt to receive a satisfactory answer when asked who changed the original question in the effective solution to the problem within a period of no satisfactory answer under the questioner was forced to close, and because of the expiration points deduction provisions. At the same time, it effectively avoids the problem of answering the questions for half a day, and the questions are closed by the questioner.

in short, Baidu knows that by cutting such measures effectively, Baidu knows that "no satisfaction answered, shut down" the "invalid" problem is too much, affecting Baidu know the overall user experience of the status quo.

third, Baidu know the classification administrator "recommended" answer time is greatly shortened, and "wonderful answer" evaluation time is greatly shortened, there are many problems in the short term is Baidu administrator collective classification recommended, for example, I had to answer the question last month was recommended more than 100.


Baidu know big face change, I answered the question before last month was recommended more than 100

fourth, the abolition of the respondent vote to vote, select the best answer function, to solve some of the respondents by brushing votes, will be poor quality of their answers to brush the "satisfactory answer" drawbacks. But close the vote to choose the best answer "function, can not effectively solve the question cannot distinguish more than one answer in which one is the best answer selection problem — Baidu classification administrator" recommended answer "is a guiding method, but in addition Baidu seems to know.