Excellent webmaster tools, revision experience sharing

17 Jul 2017 admin

  I remember robsonak said before love stand nets this tool why so popular at that time, in addition to love love station network this tool, I also love the webmaster tools, webmaster tools is a tool for my first contact, has been in use. Yesterday, I found in the use of webmaster tools, found Webmaster Tools revised, better than before, ha ha. Remember to use the time before love stand nets of this tool if you query a web site, in addition to other webmaster tools have the characteristics of a website domain name, his long, Baidu weight is to inquires, because this has attracted a lot of users in the use of tool.chinaz.com has been a part of the transfer to the love station network to the user, relatively less, but soon after Chinaz webmaster tools have also done a lot of revision, also hope that the original " conjecture; fan " return to their own side of Kazakhstan, other reasons discussed here.

today, let me talk about the improved Chinaz webmaster tools, give me personal feelings, this time it can be said that the new increase in many good features, so that the user experience is more perfect:

first: increase domain name information, respect for user experience

before I learned only love stand nets have this tool, but I do not love, because always feel sort of mess, is just what the world rankings, like I do care, I know we might first consider the PR value, when the exchange Links Baidu snapshot weight, what. Chinaz webmaster tools to respect our habits, our first consideration is put in the front, in this part of the domain name IP, domain name age, title is also shown in the top, also includes Links detection more queries in the hospital network marketing small robsonak most love, not in the check after the new look from Links, in short, is very convenient. This time the user experience is more perfect, and the whole layout is also more clean, clear and clear.

second, product innovation, increase the inclusion and anti chain trend of the rise or fall, indicating

since ancient times, "innovation two words" has always been advocated, innovation is not for innovation and innovation, not for different and different, not to look good, but to survive, in order to competitiveness, in order to…. Without careful friends you find, Chinaz webmaster tools to increase the rising of the search engine and the amount of the chain with a downward trend, from the figure we can clearly see that you are in the major search engines included with reverse chain every day.

third, do a unique, increase the major search engine contrast function,

said, the revision of this function, in fact, not long ago, but today still used to talk about. This tool is included in the major search engines