Establish station group grassroots webmaster another way out

17 Jul 2017 admin

facing the current Internet development in full swing, fierce competition scenes, many grassroots webmaster fully exploit their wisdom, in all sectors, from all angles, fully tap the market. As more and more picky and sophisticated search requests are made, more and more webmasters realize that it is difficult to popularize websites hundreds of times more than to build a website. How to effectively promote the website and promote the products relying on the website, this paper introduces the concept of "station group", which can be used as an effective attempt.

first. What is a station group,


station is the webmaster to establish a number of the same type, the same plan, the same standard of website, and a number of related to the main site keywords to optimize the search engine home page, so that no matter what the relevant search keywords, the first page of the main website can be found in the search engine, so as to improve the main website (main products the search rankings). This can increase the exposure rate of websites (products) in search engines, and facilitate the promotion of single products. Station group is based on the unified technology based classification, maintenance, high degree of coupling, hierarchical management, information can be presented to the site collection based on shared specific permissions. In this way, we can establish the management of the website (product) cost, so as to achieve the unity of management and operation.

second. How to build a station group

(1) space and domain name


is a station group, each website must adopt independent IP. If the conditions must be able to guarantee a website corresponding to a IP, if you do 150 site scale stations, IP can be overlapped, 1 IP decentralized 4~5 sites, but these stations do not interconnect. For domain name, domain name registration information must not be the same, domain name registration information including the website owner’s name, contact address, registered mailbox, contact telephone number and so on. Any of the same information will be known by the search engines and will cause domain names to be associated.

(2) program select

now open source system is very mature, and basically open source free system, which can greatly reduce the cost of building.

.Net open source CMS system: We7cms system, Umbraco CMS system, Ludico system, ndCMS system, NkCMS system, mojoPortal system, Go.Kryo system, Amplefile system, DotNetNuke system, etc..

Open source CMS system

PHP: PHPCMS CMS DEDECMS; PHP168; empire; operating system; SupSite; Joomla; Mambo -MAMBO; Drupal; WordPress.

java version of the open source CMS system: EECMS, JTBC_CMS, etc..

ASP open source CMS system: move >