Cat explore various professionals operating different ways of thinking website

17 Jul 2017 admin

often hear people complain, if I will like, if I can sell well…… Just did not think of their own areas of expertise, he thinks, to be useful, to maximize their own areas of expertise, as the web site full of sound and colour. Of course, do not rule out a good, but no improvement in the site, the cat can only suggest you try another industry, the 360 line well, do not have to hang on a tree. Here, the cat bold with the webmaster to explore different ideas under various kinds of professional operation of the website:

capital type: Investment personal Adsense

, if you have money, it’s easier to do website, buy a domain name, buy a server, and then ask for an operation, promotion, planning, editing, technology, art…… Just go ahead and do it. If you start with a small site to play with, as long as the editing and technology, the two or three to get a station, and their own as a CEO, Guan command on the line. But if it is to a wide range of operation, the best way is to ask a manager occupation help you with this matter, occupation managers need to have a certain understanding of resources, site operations, planning, marketing, content, technology and other aspects, such as a cat that (laughs). While the occupation managers will not please, in this case, also can choose to invest in individual owners, but must be spotted, personnel to be more promising than the project, even if you see the personal webmaster do not have good projects, methods you put him in your occupation training manager is also good. With strong funds, do not make yourself too tired, pay for professionals to do it, ha ha.

marketing: select partner

cat has seen a lot of marketing personal Adsense, this kind of crowd is generally not familiar with the site, but they are mostly leadership, because the entire website of the profits in their hands. For marketing talent, the best way is to find partners to start business together, each responsible for a piece of your existence, the survival and profitability of the site is guaranteed, the value is still important. Note that, because it is not familiar with the site, and the character of marketing talents based on market, still need to conform, after all we are partners, the need for mutual cooperation, can the website operation success. If you want everyone to turn themselves into the center, almost impossible, after all, who is worth it, unless you like the capital type of talent, their own investment in the development of a webmaster. Therefore, the most important type of marketing is to find partners. Remember, it’s partners, not servants.

Technology: build a garbage station,

often people believe that the technical talent of the site must be the most advanced, most dazzling, in fact wrong, users are still relatively stupid, and the more advanced, the more dazzling, often not many people use. Technical talents is the most popular, the people in many ways, the cat here with a small title is "build a garbage station, here no derogatory meaning, just through the garbage station, can give you the lowest cost to maximize profits. The method is as follows: 1>