Do website, remember speculative real hits, create real rankings

17 Jul 2017 admin

As long as the

engaged in SEO optimization webmaster friends will have such experience, that is the site’s ranking is very unstable, may today website ranking in the Baidu home page, second days after the ranking may fall to the N page, let people can not understand, in fact, this happens mostly because of this website have some more or less cheating, it is these opportunistic way to make your site’s ranking is difficult to stabilize, in other words the website ranking is not true.

Especially with the Baidu

algorithm is becoming more intelligent, want to achieve opportunistic website ranking breakthrough has become increasingly difficult, because Baidu has begun to attach great importance to the real site click rate, also is through the user’s action to rank, in other words, the higher the quality of the site, ranking will be better, so how to achieve more real and click, allowing users to stay on the site to vote for you? I think can from the following three aspects:


first build a famous website of their own, like Sina and NetEase as the brand name, the brand name of the biggest advantage is the ability to make your site in Baidu ranking will soon enter the home, because the famous site generally there are few keywords competition problems, so in order to optimize the home page or very simple. Here maybe some webmaster will say, although there is no special famous website competitiveness, but not many people search, also is not able to bring traffic to the site to build such website does not have what significance! I think this worry is not without reason, but if you want to do the brand website, designed the famous website is the premise. With a famous website, there will be later brand building.

second website marketing, NetEase, such as Sina portal is not the start was worshipped for many users, the original Tencent went bankrupt and falling into the abyss, Taobao is needless to say, these special famous sites are actually from the beginning of the operation process is also not only Everything is going smoothly., then has a good marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing and viral marketing, as well as geometric amplification in Internet marketing, let these special famous website has become natural brand website, the exclusive title has become the hottest keywords in the search engine.

for the fledgling college famous website marketing should do, the high quality of soft chain is one of the best choice, because it is relative to the low cost, at the same time by WeChat, micro-blog and other social platform for marketing, it can lower the cost to create better marketing results, just like some blogs in the United States in eight months to let his personal blog website to obtain billions of traffic, and the blog marketing will rely on social platforms such as Facebook, marketing and cost is low, and the effect is achieved yiyidangshi.

third is the content of the construction, the famous website has been able to eventually become a brand, the content of the construction, especially for target users’ content construction