Five Fjord1 Ferries to Feature Corvus Energy Storage Systems

first_imgzoomllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Five new all-electric ferries being built for Norwegian ferry operator Fjord1 would feature lithium ion battery-based energy storage systems (ESS).Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) selected Canadian manufacturer of energy storage systems Corvus Energy to supply the systems for the five units, currently under construction in Havyard Shipyard in Leirvik, Sogn.The five latest all-electric Havyard 932 design ferries feature a length of 67 meters. The vessels will each be able to hold 50 cars and will be equipped with air-cooled Corvus Orca Energy ESS that will supply electrical power to the ferry’s NES all-electric power and propulsion system.The Corvus equipment is scheduled for delivery in 2019 and all five ferries will be fully operational on four additional routes in Norway by January 1, 2020.“Fjord1 continues to forge a very progressive path towards environmentally sustainable operations with these additional all-electric ferries,” Stein Ruben Larsen, Senior Vice President Sales at NES, said.Fjord1’s fleet modernization is the result of a number of tender competitions where low- or zero-emissions were specified by Norwegian authorities in an effort to reduce emissions from the ferry fleet. To date, Corvus Energy has supplied ESSs on eight Fjord1 electric ferries operating on four Norwegian coastal routes.last_img read more

New Tools Added to Fight Crime

first_imgNew legislation introduced today, Nov. 23, will help police investigate and prevent crime. The bills help address violent crimes, while fighting organized crimes like auto theft and the illegal drug trade. The Gunshot and Stab Wounds Mandatory Reporting Act requires hospitals and other health-care facilities to report gun shots and stab wounds to police. Police have expressed concerns that the critical first hours of an investigation are lost if these wounds are not reported when someone seeks medical treatment. The act allows hospitals to report anonymously, and provides protection against legal action to a facility making a report. Consultations on proposed legislation were held earlier this year with health-care professionals and police. “Violent crimes like gun and knife attacks must be responded to swiftly and aggressively to get perpetrators off the streets,” said Justice Minister Cecil Clarke. “This legislation will ensure that police receive the critical information they need to begin an investigation as quickly as possible.” The province has also introduced the Civil Forfeiture Act and the Assets Management and Disposition Act to hit criminals where it hurts — their profits. The province will create a Proceeds of Crime Unit that will work to seize assets resulting from illegal activity. The legislation also supports a civil court process to order forfeiture of properties used to commit crimes or gained from unlawful activity. Ontario and British Columbia have similar legislation. “Taking the profit out of these crimes will send a strong message that crime doesn’t pay in Nova Scotia,” said Mr. Clarke. “At the same time, these initiatives will create a new source of funding that we will be put directly into crime-prevention activities to help stop crime from happening in the first place.” These bills are the latest in a series of new laws and initiatives introduced to fight crime, and protect the safety and security of Nova Scotians. The province has also put in place the Safer Neighbourhoods and Communities Act, which has shut down more than 20 illegal drug houses; created new youth programming and supervision; introduced electronic monitoring of offenders; and is adding 250 new police officers over four years. The federal government also recently responded to Nova Scotia’s call to strengthen the Youth Criminal Justice Act by introducing amendments that give the court more flexibility to hold a young person until trial if their behaviour is dangerous. In the coming days, the province will introduce a comprehensive crime strategy focusing on enforcement, intervention and prevention. Amendments to several other pieces of legislation were also introduced. Amendments to the Evidence Act will support the province’s efforts to explore the use of electronic court documents, a recommendation from the Nunn Commission. The amendments would ensure that electronic court documents are admissible in court. Claims for general damages in small claims court are being increased from $100 to $2,500 under amendments to the Small Claims Court Act. The amendments also give small claims adjudicators the discretion to consider expert reports even if the experts are not available for cross examination. The Probate Act is being amended to allow for handwritten wills. This supports a previous amendment to the Wills Act. “The important pieces of legislation support the effective operation of our court system, and court users,” said Mr. Clarke.last_img read more

Central African Republic UN says 1400 villagers displaced by bandits

11 June 2008About 1,400 displaced people are living in the village of Kamba Kota in the north of the Central African Republic in terrible health and security conditions after fleeing attacks by armed bandits on their villages, according to a report today from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). About 1,400 displaced people are living in the village of Kamba Kota in the north of the Central African Republic in terrible health and security conditions after fleeing attacks by armed bandits on their villages, according to a report today from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).Since the beginning of the year there has been a surge in attacks by bandits across the northern CAR. Groups of between 10 and 30 armed men – known locally as “coupeurs de route” or “zaraguinas” – roam the region, killing or assaulting villagers and travellers, kidnapping both children and adults, looting property and burning homes. In this case, the bandits reportedly killed 37 people in villages to the north of Kamba Kota in Ouham province.The joint mission of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the UN Office in the Central African Republic (BONUCA), who located the displaced people, have expressed concern about their health and security.Currently they depend on river water and cassava leaves for food, while living in huts made of branches and foliage. Access to health care is problematic since the local health centre charges fees.However, with help from aid agencies they have been able to start building a school which will soon be operational. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that 1 million people in the northern CAR have been affected by either civil conflict or the banditry, with nearly 200,000 internally displaced and another 108,000 fleeing as refugees to neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Sudan. read more

Africa should mobilize water resources as part of antihunger efforts UN says

Africa uses just 5 per cent of its total renewable water resources for agriculture, compared with 20 per cent of the total in Asia. Just 7 per cent of Africa’s total arable land is irrigated, against 42 per cent in South Asia and 36 per cent in East and Southeast Asia, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said.”Recent research shows that growth in agriculture is the most beneficial for the poor, of all economic sectors,” FAO’s Louise Fresco told a major continental conference on water for food and ecosystems in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.”We therefore still have a great potential and opportunity to address the needs of Africa in food, poverty reduction and ecosystems,” the FAO Assistant Director-General said, adding that Africa must “continue to invest in unlocking the potential of its diversified agricultural systems – in rain-fed agriculture, irrigation and mixed systems.”She noted that advances in food production have been offset by pollution and called for African countries “harmonize the needs for food and ecosystems through sustainable water management.” read more

Totalcredit Cup Danes barely against Poland Iceland beats Slovenia

← Previous Story Serbs ambitious, Rastko Stojkovic: “We want all – Poland always dangerous” Next Story → “Croatia Cup”: Croatia better than Slovakia; Sweden beats Iran Denmark beat Poland with 31:30 (16:19), while Slovenia was beaten by Iceland 26:29 (13:13) in the “Totalcredit cup” tournament. Denmark won thanks to the Rasmus Lauge goal that he scored few seconds before the end of the game. In the last day of the tournament Denmark against Iceland and Slovenia meets Poland.Denmark – Poland 31:30 (16:19)DENMARK: Landin, Cleverly, Mogensen 1, Christiansen M., Lauge Schmidt 5, Christiansen L. 4, Markussen 4, Eggert Jensen 4, Svan Hansen 2, Lindberg 2, Toft Hansen R. 2, Sondergaard Sarup 2, Toft Hansen H. 2, Hansen 2, Olsen 1, NielsenPOLAND: Wichary, Wyszomirski, Jaszka 3, Lijewski 4, Kuchczyński, Tkaczyk 4, Bielecki, Wiśniewski, Jurecki B., Jurecki M. 3, Tłuczyński 6, Jurkiewicz, Syprzak 7, Kwiatkowski 2, Zaremba, Orzechowski 1Slovenia – Iceland 26:29 (13:13)SLOVENIA: Škof, Skok, Mačkovšek 3, Miklavčič, Dobelšek 1, Pucelj 2, Brumen, Gaber, Dolenec 3, Skube 1, Špiler 1, Gajič 4, M. Žvižej 3, L. Žvižej 2, Zorman 5, Bezjak 1ICELAND: Gustavsson, Svavarsson, Kristjansson, Palmarsson, Ingimundarsson 1, Hallgrimsson 1, Atlason 3, Olafsson 8, G. V. Sigurdsson 11, Ragnarsson, O. Gudmundsson, Petersson 2, H. Gudmundsson, Jakobsson, Gunnarsson 3, Karasonphoto: read more

Jill Meaghers parents facing financial difficulties and health problems

first_imgTHE PARENTS OF murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher have spoken to an Australian television channel about living with the pain of their loss and the difficulties they face because of financial and health issues.George McKeon has been ordered to attend a hearing in Dublin next week in connection with a civil lawsuit and faces a penalty of up to AUS$270,000 if he does not appear.However, a medical condition renders him unable to fly from Perth (where he lives with his wife Edith).The order comes from a US court as part of what has been described as a complex civil suit. It is unrelated to the death of his 29-year-old daughter.“My health is bad. I’ve had three strokes. I have a brain disease,” he told Channel 10, adding that it doesn’t have a “great effect” on him because “Gillian has died”.“I can’t cry any more tears. I’m cried out,” said Jill’s mother Edith.We’ve lost our daughter to the most horrendous, horrendous death.The pair travelled to Melbourne earlier this year for the trial of their daughter’s killer Adrian Bayley.“We succeeded in putting ‘it’ away,” said Edith.“When I was face-to-face with him, it took a while,” added George. “But then he became afraid”.Jill’s father says that his daughter’s legacy of changing the law and changing attitudes about sexual violence is a “great comfort” to him.However, Edith finds little comfort in anything other than her memories and photographs.“We won’t have any grandchildren. We won’t have the life that we should have had with them.She always had that lovely, lovely smile. What you see is what you got with her. We miss her dreadfully.Jill Meagher’s body was discovered in a shallow grave on 27 September 2012 about 55km from where she went missing six days previously.Bayley was found guilty of her rape and murder and was jailed for a minimum of 35 years.(YouTube: English News)Read: Australian police apologise after Jill Meagher grave photo is used at fundraising eventMore: Adrian Bayley appeal refused as the ‘gravity of the killing warranted a life sentence’Related: Moreland mayor: People haven’t forgotten Jilllast_img read more

Private islands on sale at bargain prices

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Following a three-year period during which no purchases were recorded, major activity is currently being observed in the sale and development of Greece’s private islands. According to experts operating in this singular market, a number of owners, especially those who inherited the island properties, are trying to sell them off due to recently introduced high taxation.As a result, asking prices have dropped considerably, while in cases of serious offers, it is estimated that the owners are willing to make some substantial concessions. This is the case in the alleged sale of Oxia, an island owned by the Greek Australian Stamoulis family, to members of Qatar’s royal family. The island, which has a surface area of approximately 1,236 acres, was initially advertised at 6.9 million euros. The property’s final price, however, is said not to have exceeded 5 million euros.The island is located in the Ionian Sea, near Ithaca. While a major portion of Oxia is protected as a part of the Natura 2000 ecological network, part of the island may be developed, according to sources. The sale of Patroklos island, off the tip of Attica and three kilometres from Sounio, might be nearing. According to a well-informed source, the property’s owners, the Giatrakos family, are currently working in tandem with a Canadian investor and collaborating with local authorities in a bid to clarify which part of the island may be commercially developed. Given Patroklos’s major development potential and its proximity to the capital, it is estimated that the price will exceed the 100-million-euro mark. Nevertheless, previous attempts to sell the island have come up against obstacles due to the lack of a clear urban-planning and land-use scheme, as well as a series of archaeological issues. The Giatrakos family is making all possible efforts to put the aforementioned matters to rest in order to finalise the island’s transfer. A well-known private island, Scorpios, has also been up for sale for the last few years. The island, which currently belongs to Athina Onassis, is situated opposite the village of Nydri, Lefkada, in the Ionian Sea. The Onassis heir is citing financial reasons for putting Scorpios on the market. According to Kathimerini sources, the sale has run into difficulties given that Aristotle Onassis’s will forbids the sale of the island, unless its maintenance is unfeasible, which is what the magnate’s granddaughter claims. Given this legal complication, the owner is actively pursuing the option of a 99-year lease to an investor.last_img read more

Geek deals Save Big on Headphones Laptops and More at GearBest

first_imgOn the lookout for some new gadgets that won’t break the bank? Today, GearBest is offering up loads of excellent deals on the likes of VR helmets, gaming keyboards, earbuds, and so much more. Use these coupon codes, and your savings will be even greater.5-inch GPD XD Game Tablet for $144.99 (Coupon code: GpdXD1)Looking for a simple solution for playing mobile games with a controller? This all-in-one device runs Android 4.4, features an HD display, benefits from 32GB of included storage, and has a built-in controller. JXD S5800 Game Phablet for $81.99 (Coupon code: JXDS5800)This Android gaming machine might look similar to a PS Vita, but it’s a fully functional smartphone as well. Make calls, check Facebook, and play mobile games with proper controls.Jumper EZBOOK 3 Notebook for $189.99 (Coupon code: EZBOOK3)Sporting a dual-core 1.1GHz Intel Apollo Lake CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 1080p display, this 14.1-inch Windows 10 laptop is incredibly affordable.Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset for $24.99 (Coupon code: GBPLAY2)Want to experience the world of virtual reality? This low-cost headset gives you a taste of VR without the huge up-front investment. Just slide your smartphone (4.7 to 5.7-inches) into the device, and start exploring. Motospeed S69 Colorful Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for $24.60 (Coupon code: BENSS69)Want some stylish accessories for your gaming rig? This keyboard and mouse pair don’t cost much, but the wild colors will definitely impress.Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core Headsets for $60.99 (Coupon code: HYPERX1)If you want to succeed in competitive or co-op online games, you definitely need to strategize with your teammates. This headset from Kingston is comfortable, reasonably priced, and works with consoles and PC games alike. Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds for $22.99 (Coupon code: miWi)Maybe you’re in need of earbuds instead. If so, these sweat-resistant buds from Xiaomi benefit from a 100mA Li-Ion battery, and can provide up to 7 hours of playback and 280 hours of stand-by.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more GearBest coupons, head over to read more

Israel Will Build Beresheet 20 Spacecraft After Failed Lunar Landing

first_imgStay on target Rare Harvest Moon Will Light Up Night Sky on Friday the 13thIndia Finds Lost Vikram Lander on Moon’s Surface “Beresheet 2.0” is coming: After a failed lunar landing on April 11, Israel will build another spacecraft for a second moon mission.On Thursday, Beresheet, Israel’s lunar lander, crashed on the moon’s surface after experiencing some communication and technical issues. Despite this disappointing incident, the team behind the Beresheet mission will try again, so Israel can be the fourth nation to accomplish a soft touchdown on the moon’s surface, reported.“We’re going to actually build a new halalit — a new spacecraft,” SpaceIL chief Morris Kahn said in a video statement posted on Twitter. “We’re going to put it on the moon, and we’re going to complete the mission.” Kahn also said the team is meeting this weekend to start planning the new Beresheet 2.0 project.The dream goes on! Morris Kahn just announced the launching of Beresheet 2.0 #Beresheet2.0 #IsraeltotheMoon— Israel To The Moon (@TeamSpaceIL) April 13, 2019In February, Beresheet, SpaceIL’s first moon lander, was launched to space by SpaceX. The mission’s goal was to nail a soft landing on the moon’s surface and spend two Earth-days there to study the moon’s craters and topographic features.Beresheet came the closest Israel ever has to land on the moon, but unfortunately the landing was not completed successfully.We applaud @TeamSpaceIL for a tremendous scientific achievement, they made history by making Israel one of 7 nations who had ever orbited the moon— Israel ישראל (@Israel) April 11, 2019Before the big lunar landing attempt, the Beresheet spacecraft managed to snap amazing pictures of the far side of the moon and it also slipped into lunar orbit on April 4, making Israel the seventh nation to successfully orbit the moon.Even though Beresheet didn’t work out, Israel’s second spacecraft project could help the nation accomplish a successful moon landing and exploration journey down the line. No other updates have been released by SpaceIL on the Beresheet 2.0 project, however, you can follow SpaceIL’s Twitter account for more updates on Israel’s second moon mission attempt.More on’s Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes on the Moon’s SurfaceIsrael’s Beresheet Lander Takes Stunning Photos of the Far Side of the MoonIsrael Just Became the Seventh Nation to Successfully Orbit the Moonlast_img read more

Capita sees 200 increase in engagement with health and wellbeing campaign

first_imgCapita achieved a 200% increase in employee engagement with its health and wellbeing campaign following a four-week engagement initiative.In November 2015, the organisation launched its Health and Body MOT campaign with the aim of engaging staff with their wellbeing and driving take up of the health screening available to them through the organisation’s flexible benefits programme.The campaign saw 882 employees actively sign up for ongoing communication and reminders around health and wellbeing, representing a 200% increase. Take up of the health screening benefit, provided by Bluecrest Wellness, increased by 17% from 382 to 446.The campaign included roadshow events that featured mini-checks and challenges, and demonstrations by Bluecrest Wellness. The health screenings were promoted on the organisation’s online benefits platform.The screenings include cancer checks, organ-function testing, diabetes checks, blood tests and associated screenings as well as a variety of fitness assessments. With a range of packages available to suit the diverse requirements of its 70,000-strong workforce, other benefits include a free 24/7 private GP helpline, and detailed health reports.Through the health screening provision, Capita aims to offer its staff affordable and accessible price points, as well as the convenience of undergoing screening at 1,700 mobile sites across the UK.Lee Gruskin (pictured), principle consultant, health management at Capita, said: “Because we are such a disparate [organisation] in terms of having offices all over the country, we needed somewhere that could effectively be on the doorstep of every single employee. We needed something that could be accessible from the north of Scotland to the south west of England.“[Employees have] said we are interested in our health and now we are able to access affordable health measures, we want to know what the next steps are. It’s great to see because if you only change one person’s thinking or you spot one illness that wouldn’t have been found, then it’s obviously worth it, because the tangible costs of someone going off sick or not looking after their health can be massive.“By putting those up front, preventative measures and some of the education around it [in place], we’ve been able to get people interested in health and see how actually the work place can help them and not be aloof and distant. A happy and healthy workforce is of much more benefit than someone who has to be off or having to replace them and the morale going down in the team and productivity dropping off.”last_img read more

Juanes to open for Rolling Stones in Miami Gardens

first_imgMIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) – The Rolling Stones have announced Colombian superstar Juanes will open for them at their Miami Gardens show on the No Filter Tour.The legendary rockers took to Twitter Wednesday, where they posted about the musical acts that will be starting their shows when they hit the road later this month. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. We are happy to announce the special guests that will be joining us on our upcoming US & Canada shows! See you very soon 👅 #stonesnofilter— The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) June 5, 2019Juanes, a long-time Miami resident, is Latin rock’s leading global ambassador.His appearance during the No Filter Tour isn’t his first gig with the band. He was the only artist to join the Stones as an onstage guest during their 2016 America Latin Olé stadium tour in Latin America.The Rolling Stones will be performing at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 31. last_img read more

Marvel Studios What to Expect at SDCC

first_img A Tale of Two Wonder WomenSDCC Announcement: IDW Games Brings 90s Nick to Life Stay on target It’s that magical time of year again, San Diego Comic Con! Coming off the success of Spider-Man Homecoming and the Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropping at D23, everyone is anticipating what Marvel Studios is going to drop this week. With that in mind, here are some potential news and announcements you all should be on the lookout for. Thor: Ragnarok Hey, remember your pal, Thor? You haven’t seen him in a while! All his friends got together without him in Captain America: Civil War, but I guess nobody told him. Sad! Thor hasn’t been getting that much love lately. The Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America both got two (Count em! Two!) solo flicks in between Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. What gives?Okay, so the Thor solo movies haven’t been as big at the box office as some of the other Marvel fanfare. It looks like Marvel Studios is pulling out all the stops this time around for Thor: Ragnarok though. They should be releasing something about the movie at Comic Con. My guess is that they’d highlight Loki. Look, Loki was big for years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For many, he was the highlight of the Thor films and was a great villain in the first Avengers outing. We haven’t seen our favorite frenemy since Thor: The Dark World and I feel like Marvel would want to remind us why we love Loki. Don’t be surprised if we get a quick clip of Loki being his amoral self. Black PantherChadwick Boseman stole the show in Captain America: Civil War as Black Panther. Between that and the excitement generated from the most recent trailer, it’s safe to say that Black Panther is one of the most anticipated superhero movies to be hitting theaters in some time.While Black Panther likely won’t be as highlighted as it was last year coming off the character’s debut in Civil War, there is no question that Marvel will continue to ride the fan generated momentum for Black Panther. It’s a superhero movie we should all want to see succeed. Avengers: Infinity WarIt’s safe to say that this is the movie most Marvel fans have been waiting to see since Iron Man hit theaters back in 2008. This is the culmination of a decade of plotting and planning. The infinity gems, while not playing as big a role now as they did in earlier Marvel films, have been one of the most highlighted elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s background and it appears we will be seeing their devastating effects in ways we never have before.The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was hands down the highlight of D23. While they may show some clips from that, Marvel will want to show something new for the San Diego Comic Con crowd. They’ll likely want to highlight some different characters.If I were Marvel, I’d be looking at the success of DC’s Wonder Woman and wanting to show the different women that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe great like Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Gamora. This would be a great opportunity to surprise the crowd with an appearance from Brie Larson who will be playing Captain Marvel.While she will be playing her in the first solo movie for the character, Captain Marvel, in 2019, it’s been speculated that she would be making her premiere in Avengers: Infinity War. Be on the lookout for confirmation of this and maybe first looks at her character this Saturday if she is in fact in the movie.InhumansWhile there will certainly be a big focus on what’s coming to the big screen, the small screen is going to get some love too! Okay, they are getting a limited IMAX screening for the premiere, but you know what I mean. Although Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be noticeably absent, the hotly anticipated Inhumans limited series will be featured prominently at their very own panel!The panel is today, July 22nd, at 6:15 pm PST over at Ballroom 20. Nothing is confirmed yet on who will be in attendance or what will be shown, so expect some clips featuring favorite fan characters like Black Bolt and Medusa as well as a lot of surprises to get everyone pumped for the premiere this fall!ConclusionThe Marvel Cinematic Universe is an embarrassment of riches. Never could we have imagined just a decade ago that superhero movies, particularly Marvel movies, would be where they are now with seemingly no end in sight. Marvel’s problem right now is that they have too much to talk about at San Diego Comic Con, and that’s a great problem to have!Marvel has a ton of news they’re going to cover, so if you couldn’t score a ticket to SDCC, please check out the live streams on, IGN, Twitter, or IMDB. Or you can just check back with us here at for all the latest Marvel news!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

5 Gadgets to Make Your Home a Smarter Place

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals December 2, 2013 4 min read We might not quite be in the age of The Jetsons yet, but there are quite a few gadgets on the market than can make you feel a little more like you’re living in the future.More than something to just keep you connected the web, your wireless network can now be used to keep you connected to your home or home office while you’re out on town, ensuring that your home stays safe and even making sure you have what you need to make breakfast in the morning.Here are five of our favorite gadgets in the growing connected-home market that would even give the Jetsons’ robot assistant Rosie a run for her money:1. LockitronLockitron is a Wi-Fi-connected door lock that allows you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone. The $179 lock is simple to install and works with any smartphone — as well as older phones via SMS message — to lock and unlock your door on command.As an admin, you can grant access to whomever you want, for any time period you want. So, you can give your neighbor a virtual key to go let your dog out when a meeting runs late, or pass out virtual keys to your whole family while they’re visiting. An online log lets you see when your door is locked and unlocked and by whom.Related: Can You Guess the Movie Based on the Old Technology In It?2. Dropcam ProThis nifty gadget is a $199 Wi-Fi-connected camera that can be used as everything from a baby monitor to a home surveillance system. With Dropcam Pro, you can tune in to a live feed from the camera from your smartphone or computer no matter where you are in the world, and a built-in speaker and microphone allow you to communicate through the camera. Push-notifications alert you when there’s movement in the camera’s view — for instance, your front door opening — and an optional subscription service records and stores the video feed from your camera in the cloud.Since video is stored off-site in the cloud, you’ll be able to access it even if your camera is stolen in a burglary, a feature that has already help nap a few criminals.3. Belkin WeMo SwitchBelkin’s $49.99 WeMo switch turns any outlet in your home into a “smart” outlet. The device plugs into your standard electrical outlet, allowing you to control it from anywhere on the planet through Belkin’s free WeMo app. You can use the app to turn on a light when you’re not at home, or even just turn on a fan that’s located across the room. Outlets can also be programmed to turn on and off at any time you specify.Related: This Tiny Gadget Can Turn Virtually Anything Into a Musical Instrument4. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant SensorKoubachi’s Wi-Fi plant sensor gives anyone a green thumb. The sensor comes in both indoor and outdoor varieties and measures soil moisture, temperature and light intensity for your plants. The sensor alerts you if your plant needs some extra water or fertilizer, or would benefit from being relocated to a sunnier spot.Koubachi’s indoor sensor is priced at $99, and its outdoor model costs $129.5. Egg MinderThis is a connected-home gadget for your refrigerator. The $69.99 Egg Minder smart egg tray keeps track of the number of eggs you have in your fridge and sends you push notifications when you’re running low.More than just for keeping track of how many eggs you have, the tray can also let you know which of the eggs in your tray is the oldest and notify you when it thinks one of them is going bad.Related: Your Next Cocktail Could Be Concocted By This Robotic Bartender Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

Dubai growth celebrated at AIME

first_imgSaleh Mohammed Al Geziry with Veronica Rainbird and Julie King (DTCM) Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A In an intimate gathering at Eureka Skydeck on Wednesday evening, Touchdown Tours, the Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, Government of Dubai (DTCM) and Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts thanked their partners and extolled the virtues and growth that has become the region.Jacqueline Preketes, manager Touchdown Tours, highlighted the partnership between her company, DTCM and Jumeirah Hotels and shared her excitement to promote a region that is growing so rapidly. With 11,000 additional hotel rooms and a new Jumeirah property on The Palm, Dubai’s accommodation offering has increased to 82,000 rooms incorporating 3, 4 and 5 star offerings as well as apartment options. It is due to this versatility that that the number of recorded guests in hotel establishments from Australia increased by 5.9% in 2010.Speaking to e-Travel Blackboard earlier in the week, Saleh Mohammed Al Geziry, DTCM director overseas promotions and inward missions shared his excitement about the growth, in particular, of visitors to the region from Australia and New Zealand. Mr Al Geziry also announced the launch of a tri-level online training program for trade and a monthly newsletter as part of a partnership with Emirates. Focussing on five segments within the market, DTCM aims to increase their market share in particular with families. The ever-changing city offers a variety of attractions for families including the innovative Kidzania in Dubai Mall and a myriad of water parks that entertain children and adults of all ages. Veronica Rainbird, manager trade, training & promotions for DTCM, highlighted the internal changes and re-iterated the support the company is determined to offer partners and trade moving forward. With increased air access, the offering of ‘something for everyone’ and consistent fresh new offerings, DTCM is confident that the recent growth in popularity of the region will continue.Click here to view a photo gallery of the Eureka Skydeck eventlast_img read more

Election promises among major risks for recovery fiscal watchdog warns Updated

first_imgThe Fiscal Council, an independent body tasked to monitor the drafting and implementation of the budget, said promises given ahead of next year’s presidential elections are one of the major risks the economy is facing.Despite the economy expanding for the third consecutive year, the unemployment rate dropping, the financial sector stabilising, and sovereign credit rating upgrades, the island’s “non-investment rating shows the significant underlying risks,” the council said in its autumn report on Thursday.Other risks threatening the economy include a possible deterioration of the currently “favourable” external environment, the banks’ non-performing loans stock, the low savings rate of households, the high public and private debt, and reform fatigue.In 2015, the Cypriot economy emerged from a prolonged recession caused by a fiscal and financial crisis, which peaked in March 2013 when the government agreed to the terms of an international bailout.The fiscal watchdog said that it believes the most effective way of achieving sustainable growth rates and protect against risks, or at least mitigate their possible impact, is to continue immediately with reforms that “improve the economy’s competitiveness and the containment of public spending which will reduce the likelihood of fiscal derailment that would threaten economic stability”.“Improving competitiveness and achieving sustainable and high economic growth rates will allow the economy to tackle important challenges more effectively,” it said.The chairman of the council, Demetris Georgiades, who was speaking to reporters on the occasion of the publication of the report, said that after the 2013 experience Cyprus should be wiser to avoid committing similar mistakes.With public debt, following a recent debt repayment by the government to the Central Bank of Cyprus, currently still over 98 per cent of economic output and public debt as of 2015 at over three and a half times the size of the economy, an increase in interest rates by 2 or 3 percentage points could result in ‘an immense cost for the economy’, he said. Georgiades added that the tourism bonanza, partly a result of geopolitical factors in the area, which helped the economy and public finances perform better than expected, may not continue for ever.A sensitivity analysis carried out by the council based on a scenario of the economy’s growth rate falling to 1 per cent, the inflation rate remaining at 1.5 per cent and the government’s borrowing costs rising to 5.5 per cent, showed that public debt could even fail to full further, depending on when this scenario triggers.His comments came as the government announced its intention to compensate depositors, bank bondholders and shareholders, for losses in the 2013 banking crisis, compensation schemes for farmers, and its intention to write off outstanding value added tax (VAT) owed by football clubs.Georgiades declined comment on the specifics of the plan to compensate victims of the banking crisis, as the council had not seen its specifics.He instead referred to the fiscal council’s August statement in which it warned about the systemic risks from giving in to union demands to further increase compensation to pension funds for losses incurred during the banking crisis.Georgiades said that if the attorney-general opined that the matter is of legal nature, then it could go ahead with compensation “and we cannot intervene”, he said.If not then the matter is political and therefore possible “collateral losses” should be taken into account, including whether the government is encouraging bad practices.The chairman of the council said that Cyprus should give workers incentives to save more for their retirement or ditch disincentives, as the savings ratio in Cyprus is well below that of the European Union average.“Every year that goes by without saving makes each future pensioner’s plight worse,” he said adding that even Cyprus’s international creditors which financed its bailout had not paid sufficient attention to the pension system. “Today’s system has the wrong incentives; we tax pension outlays but we exempt lump sums on retirement”.Georgiades said that Cyprus should also resume the reform process to enhance its competitiveness, and address the problematic aspects in remuneration in the public sector, including state owned enterprises such as Cyta, the state-telecom company.At the same time, Cyprus should resist those who demand linking wage rises in the public sector to nominal gross domestic product, he said as the nominal economic out may increase as a result of other factors such as an increase in the number of workers and labour force.From 2003 to date, economic output expanded 46 per cent in nominal terms compared with a 26 per cent increase in gross domestic product generated per worker in the economy and a 30 per cent increase in earnings per employee, he said.According to fiscal council data, a public-sector worker earned last year on average €2,757 per month, excluding pension benefits, or 57 per cent more than the private sector, where a worker earned on average €1,752. The crisis did not effect a significant change as in 2010, a public-sector worker earned on average €2,824 every month while those in the private sector earned €1,783.Georgiades said that the reforms should also take into account Cyta’s falling revenue and shrinking market share, as the state-owned company – which evaded privatisation early last year when opposition parties rejected a government plan to sell it to a private investor – lost €128m in revenues over the past eight years, conceded more than a quarter of its market share in mobile telephony to competitors also in eight years and 7 per cent market share in fixed telephony in the past two years.You May LikeDirect HealthyAt 62, Steve Harvey Drives This Kind Of CarDirect HealthyUndoHistory A2ZWhere You Should Retire in the USA: States Ranked From Worst To BestHistory A2ZUndoIcePopMan Flies His Drone Over A Strange Giant Hole And It Captures ThisIcePopUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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