DONG Energy: Hejre’s Support Structure Planted in North Sea

first_imgDONG Energy has reported that 292 kilometres north west of Esbjerg, the support structure for Hejre platform is now well planted in the North Sea.The first physical signs of a new platform in the North Sea are there. The 8.400-tonne steel structure, called a jacket, which is the support structure of the Hejre platform, arrived at its location in the Danish sector of the North Sea on 22 May, and the last steel pile for fastening the legs of the support structure were rammed into the subsoil on Friday 30 May. Now, drilling of the production wells will start.”Our people on the project and our suppliers have done a fantastic job in delivering and installing the jacket in the North Sea. Now, we enter a new project phase. where we will be drilling the production wells, installing the oil and gas pipelines and modify the Gorm E platform from which the oil will be transported to shore,” says Flemming Horn Nielsen, head of DONG Energy’s Danish oil and gas business.Launched in less than one minuteThe launch of the jacket from a barge into the North Sea took less than one minute. The ballast tanks of the barge were filled with water, making it tilt slightly, so that the giant steel construction slid into the sea. The fitted floating tanks and compartments in the construction kept it floating, before it was erected to a vertical position in a controlled process and lowered onto the seabed.Next year’s milestone is the installation of the topsides which is currently being built at a yard in South Korea.Press Release, June 03, 2014last_img read more

EUR 1 Million Set Aside for Noordoostpolder Villages

first_imgToday, five villages in Dutch municipality of Noordoostpolder received the first annual contribution of EUR 10,000 each, and will receive the sum from the of Noordoostpolder wind project over the next 20 years.The community fund will thus award EUR 200,000 per village over the 20 years, and EUR 1 million overall.The villages Creil, Espel, Nagele, Rutten and Tollebeek can invest the amount into promotion and development.The province/municipality receives EUR 60,000 annually that are, among other things, used for the operation of the visitors center 11BEAUFORT in Nagele. Also, approximately sixty households closest to the wind turbines receive a fee of about EUR 1,800 euros, covering an average annual electricity bill.The Noordoostpolder Wind Farm wind farm consists of 86 wind turbines, 48 of which are in the water – the Westermeerwind wind farm. The project is able to supply more than 400,000 households with clean energy. The Noordoostpolder Wind Farm has been developed by three partners, each building and exploiting their share of the 86 turbines: Westermeerwind, NOP Agrowind and RWE.last_img read more

In the detail

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Interview: Tenille Townes discusses her first UK headline show and her ‘calling’ as an artist

first_imgCanadian singer-songwriter Tenille Townes made quite the impression when she played Country Music Week in 2018 and a year on she returned to play it again.Tenille performed her first headline show in London during Country Music Week, supported Striking Matches on their UK tour and received a standing ovation at the Country Hits Radio Daytime Hub at London’s Bush Hall. She’s also been announced to return for C2C: Country to Country in March 2020.I sat down with Tenille during Country Music Week to talk about her headline show, discuss her distinctive voice and relatable songwriting, and to find out more about her original Christmas song…Welcome back to the UK…So glad to be back.It’s been about a year since you were last here hasn’t it?Country Music Week. It was exactly a year ago last October. It’s so exciting to get to be back again this year and playing some shows with Striking Matches, which has been so fun, and I got to play my first headlining show in London last night, which is such a dream. I’m not over it. I’m like, ‘did that really just happen?’ and then I get to come back for C2C in the spring and I can’t wait to come back here.Let’s talk about your headline show last night. People are absolutely buzzing about it and there’s been a lot about you on social media today. I presume it went well?I can’t even… I just don’t quite have words. It felt so special to me. It’s such a crazy thing to be this far from home and to have people who went and listened to these songs and came willing to sing and they blew me away. I couldn’t even believe the energy in the room. They got tickets and they came and everyone was so kind. I got to say hi to a bunch of people after the show. It was wonderful. It’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by such kind people here.You know, it was such a Sophie’s Choice for people because it was you and the Striking Matches playing on the same night….Oh, man, I know. Originally we were supposed to play at the same venue and I was thinking maybe we could share. Then we got to move venues, which is really exciting thing. I missed them last night. We’ve been doing a song together in their set at the other shows and we both were texting each other last night like, ‘oh, we’re missing doing The Chain’. (laughs)Credit: Joseph LlanesOne of our writers, Laura, who’s a big fan of yours thought for a while that you’re going to do the support slot for the Striking Matches and then go upstairs and do your own show…Oh and run over? (laughs) I mean, that would have been fun. I like that plan. We’ll have to do that next time (laughs).You mentioned that you’ll be back for C2C in March. You’re going to be opening the Main Stage in London at The O2 on the Friday in a writer’s round style show with Abby Anderson and Eric Paslay. Have you started to think about that yet?Yes. I am so excited. I found out that it was with Eric and Abby, and I was just instantly so thrilled. I love both of them and I can’t wait to get to do that song writer’s round together. I love getting to do songwriter’s rounds. It’s special to get to take the time to really talk about the stories behind the songs and where they come from and hear the songs stripped down in such a raw way. I’ve heard so much about C2C through the years, and I’ve just been dreaming of the day to get to be a part of that so I’m really looking forward to coming back in the spring.Hopefully you’ll get the chance to do some more shows around C2C too as a lot of artists do…That would make sense. I am crossing all my fingers that we get to do that because playing here is just such a joy. Everybody listens to music in such a joyful way and then they’re so invested in it. It’s my favourite audiences to play for really, it really is.I always feel like English and Canadian people have a lot in common but is there much difference between a UK audience and a Canadian audience?Yes, a little bit different. I think that some of these venues and the ways that they’re a little bit more intimate and cool, I think that lends itself to really listening in. I just think people appreciate music here differently than at home. Canada audiences are different, US audiences are different… it’s exciting to get to play all the places but I really love it here. I do enjoy the commonality of celsius. I’ve been in Nashville for five years so I’m like, ‘oh, these are my people here’. It’s very exciting.It’s quite fun though isn’t it, when you say to an American that it’s 30 degrees here today and they’re like, ‘what that’s so cold?’ and then you point out you mean celsius…I know right (laughs). It gets them every time. That’s funny.You’ve been having a really good year. Didn’t you sweep the CCMAs earlier this year?That is still really weird to hear out loud but it was such a fun time to get to go back for the CCMAs. They move every year and they were in my home province in Alberta, which was really exciting. I’ve been going to CCMAs… this was my 11th year attending… and I’d just go and take it in and learn so much. It’s the community that I got to grow up in and learn so much from. It was really special to go back and such an honour to be a part of the community in that way and to be recognised like that.Every time you’ve dropped a song this year, it seems to have gone crazy. Jersey on the Wall seems to be shaping up to be one of your biggest ones so far. People seem to be really connecting to that in an emotional way. How’s the response to that song been for you?It’s overwhelming. Truly, it’s a great demonstration of people’s courage. People come up to me after a show and tell me about someone they’ve loved and lost and maybe what their number was on the jersey or what their name was or what happened to them. To me, that’s what I love about music, it gives people permission to go to those harder places and to talk about those things and that is the greatest gift to me. The response of that from this song is really what means the most or maybe it’ll be in an Instagram message or something. To just hear about what that song means and different people’s stories, is crazy to me.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>I notice you’ve put out two Christmas songs, which I was happily listening to this morning on my way here…Oh, thank you!I’m right in thinking that one’s a cover, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), and the other, One in a Million, is an original right?Yes!Tell me about the original because it took me a while to realise it wasn’t a cover…That is the greatest compliment. Thank you for saying that. That’s what we’re going for. It’s like, ‘what if we could step back in time into these beautiful classic feeling melodies that Christmas songs always have and what if we can make up our own?’ It was really fun. It’s a different stylistic way of writing, picking more of those jazzier chords and like, ‘OK, how could we get to tell like a snowy, enchanting story?’ I wrote this with my friend Daniel Tashian, who I just adore, and we had a lot of fun. We were on a writing trip at the beach and we started talking about snowflakes for some reason. Then we came back to Nashville and finished writing it there and I’m really excited we got to record it. Thank you for listening to it.It got me thinking that I’d really like a full Christmas album from you in the future, after your debut album for the label of course…I hope so. I hope every year we get to maybe record a couple of extras and eventually work ourselves up to a Christmas collection.That’s a good idea! Do a couple every year until you have enough to repackage it as a Christmas album. Marketing genius!Well thank you (laughs) I don’t know about that (laughs).You’ve been part of Miranda Lambert’s Pink Guitars and Roadside Bars tour along with Ashley McBryde, Elle King, Maren Morris and Caylee Hammack. What was that like?A dream! I was like, ‘is this real life?’ I look up to all of those women so much and Miranda’s the first person who invited me on the road and I got to tour with her last summer for a bit. I just was so darn excited to be invited back to be a part of this tour this year and she’s just she’s incredible. She makes such beautiful art and she’s such an encouraging force. I mean, getting to hang with her and have conversations about what her beginning was like. She’s like nobody else. She’s really something special.It’s really heartwarming to see females in Country grouping together and supporting one another because that doesn’t really happen in many genres. It certainly doesn’t happen in Pop and some of the mainstream genres here…That’s an interesting point, I like that.Is it like having a sisterhood?That’s exactly what I like to say, it feels very much like a sisterhood and what’s really awesome is everyone is so stylistically different and has something unique to say, I think. To hear that on a bill together is a really exciting thing. I feel like I’m going to look back hopefully years from now and be like, ‘wow, I got to be a part of that in this season right now’. It’s really cool to see everybody just leaning on each other back there. It’s a lot of fun (laughs). We have a good time.The cover you all did of Fooled Around and Fell In Love works so well. You can hear all of your distinct voices, which is interesting because with a traditional girl group can be hard to spot the different vocals. With all of you, you have such distinctive voices but you’re all so different and your styles are so different as you mentioned. For me, your voice is very soulful country and it hark backs to a more traditional time. When did you know you have that voice and that you wanted to pursue a career in music?Thank you for saying that. Let me think about that. I just grew up singing and I sang along to the radio in the backseat of the car as a kid and sang wherever I could for people. I just kept falling in love with it. I will say that I think there was a pivotal time when I moved to Nashville. It’s like 45 hours away from my hometown. I did the drive and it was the first time that I was living by myself in this little rental apartment. There’s so much to be inspired by in Nashville, I’d go out to the Bluebird and hear my heroes play. I’d go to the guitar store and you’d hear people in the guitar store just sitting noodling trying our guitars. It’s like, ‘oh my gosh, everyone here is so insanely talented’ and it made me so hungry to just go home and and play. I’d sit with my guitar and sing for hours and write songs for hours. I really feel like I did some digging and found the way that I think my voice feels the most raw. I enjoyed that season very much and I’m glad to just keep working at it.It sounds like it was more like a calling than an actual choice for you to be a musician?I like that word. I think so. I think that’s sometimes how a dream works. It picks you sometimes more than you pick it and I love it that way. It’s a spiritual experience for me to be a part of music in this way and I think writing songs very much feels like you’re being a vessel. Playing shows is such an interesting experience. You stand in a room when I’m at a show and I’m watching and it’s like everybody’s got their own little movie going on in their head as they’re there listening to the song. In some ways it’s all the same movie and we’re all so much more alike than maybe we realise and that’s really special to me. I just am really grateful. The ‘calling’ word is a powerful one to me and I’m just grateful that it did call out.Credit: Jessica SteddomOne of the things that’s always fascinated me about songwriting is how the lyrics can mean one thing to you but something completely different to someone else. Have you heard any stories from fans over the years that made you look at your own song differently?Yes, definitely. I had one the other night in Bristol. A lady came up to me and told me that she’s recently become a mum and spoke about the song Where You Are. She was like, ‘I’m sure that maybe wasn’t how it was intended when you wrote it but it makes me feel like the love I have for my son’ and I was like, ‘oh, that’s so sweet and that’s really cool’. It’s true, you listen to the song and it might mean something completely different but I think that’s the job of the song and it’s really special to witness that. I just get it to carry it out there and it becomes whatever someone out there might need.Country music has a tendency to be able to appeal to a lot of people while at the same time being very specific. As a writer do you prefer to be specific or do you like to write about broader themes to reach a wider audience?I don’t know that I necessarily think of it as one or the other. I think writing a song comes from, ‘oh, I had this story to tell or I had this thing on my heart’ and I just write it the best way that I feel like I know how in the moment. As a listener, I love to be able to hear the details. One of my favourite writers is Lori McKenna. You hear the way that she’ll paint the song in Humble and Kind about popsicles and what it feels like with the window down, and it’s like you’re in the car with her. It’s like you’re right there. I think that songs are a lot like time machines in that way. I think the more colourful it is, the faster it takes you there.Songwriting is such a powerful thing and the way it resonates different with people is so special. I remember telling Ashley McBryde I was a wreck after Girl Going Nowhere, and I hadn’t even been through the same experiences as her…Isn’t it crazy? It just takes you there anyway. That’s so awesome. I love Ashley, she’s such an incredible talent.What have you got planned for 2020 other than coming back to the UK in March?I’m really excited to be getting more of this music out there and and working up to releasing this record. I’m excited to get to be on the road more and and very much looking forward to the spring coming back here.I’m looking forward to your next Christmas songs…Oh good! OK thanks. I’ll get working on those (laughs). That’s awesome!Tenille Townes’ new single Jersey On The Wall (I’m Just Asking) is available to stream and download now. Watch the music video for the song below:last_img read more

U.S-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement goes into effect

first_imgEarlier this week the U.S-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, or Colombia TPA, entered into force, opening new possibilities for U.S. trade with the third-largest economy in Central and South America.The Colombia TPA is expected to boost U.S. dairy exports through immediate open and unlimited access for most whey and lactose products, as well as duty-free access for sizable amounts of cheese and skim milk powder, among other dairy products.advertisementadvertisementThe estimated benefit to the U.S. dairy industry over the first several years of the implemented agreement is an additional $25 million in exports per year, according to an International Dairy Foods Association news release. The value of U.S. dairy exports to Colombia was $6 million in 2010.Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the following statement May 15:”Beginning today, U.S. agricultural exporters receive duty-free access on more than half of the products we currently export to Colombia, and virtually all remaining tariffs will be eliminated within 15 years.”Estimates show that the tariff reductions in the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement will expand total U.S. exports by more than $1.1 billion, supporting thousands of additional American jobs while increasing U.S. GDP by $2.5 billion.advertisement”For agriculture, the agreement with South America’s third-largest economy achieves two key trade objectives for the United States: it immediately provides vastly improved access to Colombia’s market, and it levels the playing field with respect to third-country competitors.”Last year, the United States exported $1.1 billion of agricultural products to Colombia. Under the agreement, American farmers and ranchers can expect to see their exports grow by more than $370 million, or more than one-third of the current total.”Colombia will immediately eliminate duties on wheat, barley, soybeans, soybean meal and flour, high-quality beef, bacon, almost all fruit and vegetable products, wheat, peanuts, whey, cotton, and the vast majority of processed products.”The Colombia TPA also provides duty free tariff rate quotas (TRQ) on standard beef, chicken leg quarters, dairy products, corn, sorghum, animal feeds, rice, and soybean oil.”Over the next few years, as additional barriers fall and more U.S. businesses market products to Colombia’s expanding economy, American agricultural exports will create new opportunities for our businesses, workers, farmers and ranchers, thereby supporting more and better jobs for Americans.”Click here to read Vilsack’s full statement. PDadvertisementlast_img read more

Small Cell New Product Selector Guide Now Available from Richardson RFPD

first_imgRichardson RFPD, Inc. announced the immediate availability of its Small Cell (Femto, Micro, Pico) New Product Selector Guide. The October 2012 Small Cell Selector Guide includes the latest semiconductors, passive devices, and frequency control devices for this dynamic application. Featuring more than 30 new products, the Small Cell Selector Guide is organized by product type, as follows: ·         Amplifiers RF & Microwave- Power Amplifiers, Driver Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) ·         Detectors/Controllers ·         Antennas- Antenna Units ·         Dividers/Combiners- Doherty Combiners ·         RF Couplers- Directional Couplers, Hybrid Couplers ·         Modulators/Demodulators ·         Up/Down Converters The Small Cell (Femto, Micro, Pico) New Product Selector Guide is available on Richardson RFPD’s website, updated monthly, and features direct hyperlinks for purchasing the latest products from the world’s leading suppliers, along with links to the data sheet for each product. In conjunction with the selector guide release, Richardson RFPD’s Small Cell application page on the company website has been revamped. Updated block diagrams and application notes are now available, along with a full listing of the small cell (including femto, micro, and pico cell) products available from ANADIGICS, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), Anaren, Freescale Semiconductor, Gore, Johanson Manufacturing, Laird Technologies, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Nitronex, Peregrine Semiconductor, Sarantel, Scintera, Skyworks Solutions, Inc., and TriQuint Semiconductor. For more information is available online at http://www.richardsonrfpd.comlast_img read more

Officials revel in SpaceX groundbreaking; economic boon anticipated locally

first_img RelatedSPI bash exhibits local support for launch siteBy PAMELA CODY Special to the PRESS With the room packed with state and local politicians and officials, business and real estate representatives, and local residents, the ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn on South Padre Island was filled to capacity Monday evening for the celebration of the groundbreaking ceremony for…September 25, 2014In “News”PHOTO GALLERY: SpaceX – To the Future… And BeyondSeen are various images from festivities and events surrounding the ground breaking ceremony of SpaceX, the commercial launch site to be constructed at Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville. The impact of SpaceX is expected to benefit the surrounding communities, including the Laguna Madre and Harlingen-San Benito-Brownsville metropolitan areas. Pictured in…September 25, 2014In “Gallery”Physics students participate in ceremonySpecial to the PRESS BROWNSVILLE – Jose Martinez, 23, a master’s student in physics at The University of Texas at Brownsville, grew up in Brownsville and could not imagine the day the southernmost point in Texas could be transformed into another Space Coast. Martinez and other students from UTB’s Department…September 25, 2014In “News” (Staff photos by Jacob Lopez)Local, state and federal officials are seen breaking ground on the SpaceX launch site at Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville on Monday, Sept. 22. Among those shown are SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (third from left), State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. (fourth from left), State Representatives Rene O. Oliveira (fifth from left) and Eddie Lucio III (far right).By JACOB LOPEZPort Isabel-South Padre PRESSeditor@portisabelsouthpadre.comBROWNSVILLE – Visitors to the Rio Grande Valley have long described the culture shock experienced at the border communities within as an out of this world experience. It’s a statement that can now be taken literally as Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) broke ground Monday, Sept. 22, for its future commercial launch facility on Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville.It’s a project hailed Valley-wide as a potential boon for local economies and job growth in South Texas communities – with officials from the Harlingen-San Benito-Brownsville metropolitan and Laguna Madre areas anticipating positive impacts in their respective cities.Want the whole story? Pick up a copy of the Port Isabel-South Padre Press, or subscribe to our E-Edition by clicking here. Sharelast_img read more

UWF Loads Up Roster with Three More Transfers

first_imgAshton MarshallDS/Libero5-4SophomoreGainesville, Fla.Santa Fe HS / Santa Fe CC 2016-17 (Monroe College): NJCAA Second Team All-American in 2017… NJCAA All-Academic Third Team and team Rookie of the Year in 2016… Monroe MVP in 2017… Hit .242 with 176 total kills in 2016, before hitting .308 with 1.66 kills per set, .51 digs per set and .70 blocks per set in 2017… Led Monroe College to District P Championships and Region XV/XX Championships in both 2016 and 2017… Helped team earn top 15 national rankings in 2016 and 2017.Prep: Played with Orlando Tampa Volleyball Academy… Named the Most Versatile Player for Boone HS in 2015… Three-time 8A District Champion (2013-15)… Class 8A Regional Quarterfinalist in 2013 and a Regional Semifinalist in 2014.Why I Chose UWF: “The reason I chose UWF is because I wanted to attend a program where I could excel both academically and athletically, and I believe that will be possible at UWF. I had the opportunity to meet and work with both the coach and assistant coach as well as meet a few of the team members and felt I would fit in perfectly. I feel that being a part of the UWF team I will be able to succeed individually as well as be a successful team member.” The trio joins five incoming freshmen and Pensacola State College transfer Zadie Engelberger on the 2018 team. Ebony PowersRS/OH5-10SeniorJacksonville, Fla.Bartram Trail HS / Georgia College and State University “We are so excited about rounding out our 2018 roster with Ashton, Ebony and Marissa,” Wolter said. “These three have incredibly advanced skill sets, high level college championship experience and they all fit the philosophy of our program.  They will provide our team depth which will allow us to have really competitive practices.” #ARGOS#Print Friendly Version PENSACOLA, Fla. – University of West Florida volleyball coach Melissa Wolter has announced the signing of three transfers during the April signing period, Marissa Hackett from Monroe College, Ashton Marshall from Santa Fe College, and Ebony Powers from Georgia College. 2016-17 (Santa Fe CC): Totaled 529 digs as a freshman in 2016, good for a 4.60 digs per set average… Added 18 service aces and 49 assists… Second team all-conference, and team recorded runner-up finishes in the All-Mid-Florida Conference and the NJCAA State Tournaments… Team finished fourth in the NJCAA National Championship… Played with current Argonaut Nadine Williams in 2016.Prep: Played club volleyball with Gainesville Juniors since she was 11 years old… Runner-up at USAV Nationals, 5-time USAV qualifying team, First Team All-Area, two-time AAU National Champion… Father, Eric, is co-director of Gainesville Juniors Volleyball and has qualified seven teams to USAV Nationals… Four-year SGA, Beta and FCA member, Top 15% in academics, SGA student body secretary, SGA student body treasurer at Santa Fe HS.Why I Chose UWF: “I chose UWF because of the elementary education program. Another big factor that lead me to UWF is how the coaches really wanted to get to know me and my family. I saw how successful the program has been and I can’t wait to be a part of this team.” Marissa Hackett Middle Hitter6-1JuniorOrlando, Fla.Boone HS / Monroe College 2015-17 (Georgia College): Averaged 3.06 kills and 0.45 blocks per set as a junior in 2017… Had 15 matches with double-digit kills, including a 20-kill match against Francis Marion on November 18… Averaged 3.2 points per set as a sophomore, while hitting .201… Put down 168 total kills for 2.27 per set as a freshman in 2015 and hit .216 on 514 total attacks.Prep: Played with the Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association 17N1 Adis team under Coach Adis Imamovic… Played on same club team as current Argonauts Caleigh Morrison and Nadine Williams… Graduated from Bartram Trail High School in St. John’s, Fla.… Lettered in volleyball under the leadership of Audrey Holtz.Why I Chose UWF: “The academics are excellent and offer great opportunities. The staff and people on campus were very welcoming, and it felt like home.” UWF went 30-7 last fall and captured its tenth Gulf South Conference regular-season title and seventh league postseason championship. The Argonauts qualified for the NCAA Tournament for the 12th-consecutive year and advanced to the regional title match for the fourth time in program history.last_img read more

Manchester City thumps S’thampton, top Premier League table

first_imgManchester City defeated South-ampton 6-1 at the Etihad Stadium to move above Liverpool at the top of the Premier League.The Citizens had their ninth top-flight win of the season wrapped up with less than a quarter of the game played, finding themselves three goals to the good through a Wesley Hoedt own goal and strikes from Sergio Aguero and David Silva.Danny Ings pulled one back for Southampton from the penalty spot, but Raheem Sterling added his name to the scoresheet with a couple of goals of his own either side of half time, before Leroy Sane rounded off the scoring in added time.City, who required a goal in the 96th and 94th minute to earn all three points in last season’s games against Southampton, have now scored five or more league goals in a league game under Pep Guardiola on 15 occasions.Southampton headed into the match winless in six league matches and without a goal in five of them, and what was always going to be a difficult task was made even tougher when conceding six minutes in.Sane, returning to the side in place of Riyad Mahrez in City’s only change from the 1-0 win at Tottenham Hotspur on Monday, fired in a low cross which Hoedt could only divert into the roof of his own net from under the crossbar.One goal became two six minutes later as the division’s highest scorers went through the gears, with Aguero tapping in at the back post for his landmark 150th Premier League goal following some good work from Sterling.Sterling was then denied by a smart Alex McCarthy stop, but the Englishman was again involved a couple of minutes later as his chipped delivery was smashed into the back of the net by Silva for City’s third of the match.Southampton, who had kept back-to-back clean sheets prior to today, were given a route back into the match half an hour in as Ederson raced off his line and wiped out Liverpool loanee Ings, leaving referee Lee Mason with no choice but to point to the penalty spot.Ings stepped up and rolled the ball to Ederson’s left – the first penalty that the Brazilian has conceded in the English top flight, having saved the last two, ending his hopes of keeping a club-record seventh clean sheet in a row.City restored their three-goal advantage before the interval, however, thanks to Sterling’s simple finish past McCarthy after Aguero kept the ball in play and squared it to his teammate, though the Englishman required a couple of bites of the cherry after miscuing his initial shot.The hosts were guilty of taking their foot off the gas in the second half, and it could have been game on again as James Ward-Prowse and Ings both had attempts kept out by Ederson, the latter nodding a corner downward to force the Brazilian into a fine stop down low.A fifth home goal would arrive with around a quarter of the game to play, however, as Sterling fired the ball across McCarthy from an angle once teed up Aguero, shortly after Sane had curled a shot against the frame of the goal.Shane Long should have pulled one back for the south coast side late on, only to shoot wide from eight yards, and it was then left to Sane to stroke the ball out of McCarthy’s reach from the edge of the area to cap another impressive City display.last_img read more

‘Pipeline Bill’ The Only Resident to Testify on HB 132

first_imgWarren was at the Legislative Information Office in Kenai, one of six open across the state. The LIOs were empty in Anchorage, Seward, Fairbanks, Barrow, and Glenallen. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Nikiski resident Bill Warren is no stranger to calling in with his views on state issues. A regular on KSRM’s Sound Off, ‘Pipeline Bill’ was the only Alaskan to weigh in during yesterday’s public testimony on Speaker Mike Chenault’s HB 132. Rep. Dave Talerico(R-Healy): “Thank you Mr. Warren and we don’t have anybody else on line. At all. OK. Do we have any members of the public here that would like to testify? No? Seeing none and no other on line testimony… well, very well…” Warren, who lives in the neighborhood where the mega-project has been acquiring land, spoke against the bill. Warren says the state should trust the Governor’s direction… Warren: “AGDC neutered until 2017 or longer is wrong. House leadership communicating with Governor Walker is good. The secrecy about Alaska LNG and AGDC going on so long is wrong. This is not the time to be timid, but be brave. The big three is a rock. We must be strong for mutual respect. Let there be light and transparency. Get rid of HB 132, please.” Chenault’s bill would prohibit the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation from pursuing an alternative LNG project until the mega-project reaches one of three stages. For more on the bill, read: Gasline Debate Heats Up. The House Resources Committee will open public testimony on the bill again on Saturday at 1pm. Comment is also being taken via email to read more