Joint Press Statement – HE Governor Dr John Freeman and Premier Hon

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, September 19, 2017 – Providenciales – It is ten days since Hurricane Irma devastated parts of the Turks and Caicos Islands.   We thank God that no lives were lost but we are all too conscious of the damage done to people’s homes – not least to the homes of the most disadvantaged members of our communities – as well as to core infrastructure.Since Irma’s passage across the islands we have been wholly engaged on the provision of help to those most in need and upon the process of gradual recovery from Irma’s worst effects, especially in our family Islands.   To this end the TCIG has been and remains totally dedicated through all relevant agencies led by DDME but including government ministries and also non-governmental bodies and organisations, not least the commercial sector to direct help and assistance where most needed.But assistance and recovery from such a disaster cannot be achieved by TCI alone, resilient as the people of these Islands are and as they have proved once again.   We have therefore welcomed the very considerable level of advice and direct help provided by the UK, Canada, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and other governments and by regional and other international bodies and organisations.   Such assistance is ongoing, but we wish here to highlight the following contributions – which in the case of military forces are not about boots and policing but about vital aid to local communities which is being warmly welcomed – to assist immediately and directly the recovery of the most challenged parts of these Islands:– UK military have been helping to clear debris and repair buildings in order to restore services.   For example they have cleared out several Government buildings including the Treasury to allow reconstruction to commence.– In South Caicos, the UK military have made repairs to the clinic, decontaminated water storage tanks and have cleaned up primary and high schools anticipating their reopening.– The UK military are working closely with the Bermudan military, who have sent 30 of their rank to assist in Grand Turk, and the Canadian military who have a frigate ship based off South Caicos from which they to are assisting the local community, not least with provision of water.– The UK’s Department for International Development has delivered 400 shelter kits and 655 litres of bottled water to South Caicos.– Yesterday in Provo, UK Aid delivered 276 shelter kits which include two 7×5 tarpaulin sheets and 24m of rope each, these are vital for repairing roofs.– UK Aid will shortly be delivering a health kit to South Caicos which contains enough vaccines for 10,000 people for three months.We remain grateful for the additional show of support from the UK Government evidenced by the visit of Lord Ahmad, Minister of State at the FCO with responsibility for the UK Overseas Territories.    We are equally grateful for the visits of regional leaders and the visit of the Chairman of Caricom, Prime Minister of Grenada, Hon Dr Keith Mitchell who led a high level Caribbean delegation in a show of regional support.Hurricane MariaOur responsibility for disaster management does not of course end with Irma and we must state clearly now that the recently formed Hurricane Maria may also pose a threat to the TCI later this week.   Once again we must make ourselves ready as a community and as individuals to face down that new Hurricane should it, as currently seems highly possible, threaten and risk further damage to these Islands and people.We in government will again prepare shelters and take other measures; but this must involve us all as individuals and families and we encourage you now to prepare as best you are able to take steps to ensure adequate water and food provision both during as well as after the possible passage of Maria which is forecast currently to be possible on Thursday and Friday of this week.Press Statement: TCIG Related Items:last_img read more

BigTime Events on a SmallTime Budget

first_imgFood and wine festivals, national speaker series and magazine-sponsored houses are not new ideas, but they are usually the domain of mass consumer magazines with deep pockets. However, 12,000-circ. regional magazine Inside Columbia, which serves the 90,000-population city of Columbia, Missouri, has managed to tailor those big ideas to its own market and staff limitations, generating more than $400,000 in event revenue (which is 30 percent of the magazine’s overall revenue).That’s especially impressive considering Inside Columbia is not only in a small market but one in which local media pricing is driven down by the local j-school. “This is a university market where much of the available media is university-owned and subsidized,” says publisher Fred Parry. “They don’t have the overhead we do and the ad rates in this market are very low, relatively speaking. We sell ads for $1,000 a page. Springfield, Missouri has a great magazine called 417 and even though we print 1,000 more copies than they do, their ad rates are nearly three times my page rate. It’s a shoe-string operation for the most part.”Making Do With Limited ResourcesOut of a 14-person staff, Inside Columbia has one full-time special events manager, while Parry and the marketing director also devote much of their time to the events. “We will spend six or seven months planning events like the Wine and Food Festival,” says Parry. “It takes a tremendous amount of coordination. Anytime you’re working with chefs and wine makers, they’re all artists, and it probably takes three times the number of normal calls than with anybody else.” In 2008, Inside Columbia sold 2,500 tickets to its first Wine and Food Festival. This year, Parry says attendance should top 4,000. “This year was easier because we had a database of previous attendees,” he adds. “Last year we did a post-festival survey and 98.3 percent of attendees said they’d be back for 2009 even though we hadn’t announced it yet.” While the most expensive dinner at the festival is $125 per person, that has been the best-selling option for the 2009 event, Parry says.The National Speaker Series and Culinary Adventures package are not big money-makers but build affinity with readers, according to Parry. The Inspiration Homes—luxury homes which Inside Columbia offer as live promotional vehicles for advertisers—produce good returns, provided the magazine can sell the homes (it shares risk and revenue with the builder and developer) at the end of the promotion. “We built an $800,000 home and kept it open for nine months,” says Parry. “It took a year and a half to sell and it was no fun writing that interest check.” The sale closed in June. Sponsors sign on once they see a quality event. “For example, at our Best of Columbia party in April, we had 1,700 people show and 60 or 70 exhibit booths,” says Parry. “It was one of the largest crowds ever in the expo hall. The message was, ‘Wow, this magazine knows how to move people and attract a crowd.’”Sponsorships and 12x CommitmentsSponsorships for the Wine and Food festival range from $5,000 is $15,000. For the Culinary Adventures, sponsorships range from $1,500 to $2,500. “It’s hard for me to draw a connection between what the customer is paying and what they get,” says Parry. “It’s perceived value and much of it is based on what the market will tolerate. Something we sell for $15,000, somebody else in another market might sell for $50,000.” The Inspiration Homes sell sponsorships ranging from $500 to $1,500 and can range from the local Anheuser Busch distributor stocking the fridge to a BMW dealership putting a car in the driveway to a local flower shop decorating the interior. Advertisers can also sponsor their own private events at the home. And while the sponsorship itself is relatively inexpensive, participants are required to sign a 12x contract with the magazine.“In a year like 2009, I’m going to have a mediocre June and July in the magazine but the Wine and Food Festival will make up for a couple months of revenue,” says Parry. “These events are critical and I have to remind my editors of that every now and then. They don’t like to be very promotional about our events but the nice thing is the event creates an instant reaction and an opportunity for them to get face-to-face with the readers.”Deferring CostsParry says none of the events have a set budget but the magazine has developed tactics for sharing the burden.  For its National Speaker Series, Inside Columbia tries to avoid the speaker’s bureau or talent agency and negotiates directly with the talent. The magazine also looks to partner with local mega-churches that have both capacity and great A/V capabilities.“I think every big idea can be modeled to fit any market size,” says Parry. “Most of stuff we’ve done has been a gamble. You can accomplish a lot in a small market if the readers have an affinity for your publication. If you make sure everything you do is a first class experience, they will support you. We discovered on our Culinary Adventures trip to New York City with some of the best restaurants in America, that these restaurants are happy a magazine is bringing in people. Readers know that by going to events associated with the magazine they, in turn, will get red carpet treatment. Our readers like that treatment and advertisers love access to it.” SIDEBARInside Columbia Event DescriptionsCulinary Adventures• Guided four-day trips with groups of 40-to-60 readers to a destination well-known for restaurants (New York City, New Orleans, Sonoma, Tuscanny).• Price point is $995 per person, which includes airfare, hotel, ground transport, cooking class and one culinary adventure.• Sponsors include travel agencies, wine shops, gourmet shops.• Magazine gets four seats to use for incentives and client application.National Speaker Series• Features a Wall Street Journal or New York Times best selling author.• General session followed by invite-only CEO lunch or breakfast.• Sponsors pay for speaker ($15,000-$20,000), magazine keeps ticket revenue and lunch proceeds.Wine and Food Festival• Eight-day event featuring wine dinners at local restaurants, art events, concerts, VIP dinners.• Magazine works with local wine distributors to have all wine donated.• 270 wineries participated with nine restaurants.• Sponsors included banks, wine industry groups, wine distributors, beef industry council, car dealers.Inspiration Home• Built two homes in last three years.• Sell sponsorships for furnishing and decorating of the home.• House is open daily for nine months.• Customers allowed to sponsor private events. • Magazine shares risk with the builder and developer.• Magazine sells house at end of promotion, splits revenue with builder and developer.last_img read more

Forces Command Rebuilds Operations Center at Ft Bragg following 2011 Tornado

first_imgArmy Forces Command last month opened a new Intelligence Readiness and Operations Center at Fort Bragg, N.C., more than four-and-a-half years after the previous facility was destroyed by a tornado in April 2011.But in addition to replacing the old Geospatial Readiness Center, the new 27,000-square-foot facility provides state-of-the-art technology and expands the center’s mission. Its predecessor helped prepare conventional forces deploying overseas by coordinating map and data transfers between the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and Army units, reported the Fayetteville Observer.The new center offers a more comprehensive, real-time operational picture designed to prepare soldiers for unknown conditions on the ground, as well as coordinate combatant commanders worldwide.“This is kind of like the phoenix that comes out of the ashes,” Maj. Gen. Jimmie Jaye Wells, Forces Command chief of staff, told the Observer. “What you see here is the lifeblood of what readiness really is,” Wells said.The 2011 tornado caused more than $60 million in damage to vehicles and buildings on Fort Bragg, and destroyed nine other buildings besides the original Geospatial Readiness Center. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more


first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The 3rd Annual Pizza Wars is back by demand to kick off the 2019 Relay for Life of Wilmington-Billerica-Tewksbury season.Come on down to the Wilmington Middle School Cafeteria (25 Carter Lane) on Monday, January 28, 2019, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, and be the judge of pizza provided by your local pizza shops from all three towns.For a donation of $5 per adult, $2 per child (ages 5-13), and FREE for 4 and under, you can try a piece from each place. When you’re done, you can vote for which place has the best pizza!RSVP HERE so event organizers can plan on how many will attend and for instructions on advanced payment.Watch video highlights from last year’s Pizza Wars HERE. Last year’s winners can be found HERE.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related2nd Annual Taste of Towns Pizza War Set For February 12 At Wilmington Middle SchoolIn “Community”Wilmington Relay For Life’s Pizza War Kicks Off 2017 EventIn “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Monday, January 28, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

Fresh areas flooded in Sirajganj

first_imgThe flood situation in Sirajganj has worsened. Photo: Prothom AloThe flood situation in Sirajganj has worsened following a rise in the Jamuna water level on Wednesday morning, reports UNB.“The Jamuna River was flowing 146 centimetres above the danger level at Sirajganj point at 6:00am,” said executive engineer of Water Development Board (WDB) in Sirajganj Syed Hasan Imam.Fresh areas were inundated as water level of the Jamuna River had risen by 19 centimetres in the last 24 hours, he added.Low-lying areas of Sadar, Kajipur, Belkuchi, Chouhali and Shahjadpur upazilas remained submerged by Jamuna water since Tuesday.last_img read more

Nearest supernova in 27 years explodes in M82 galaxy

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Key link found in Cosmic Distance Ladder Explore further Citation: Nearest supernova in 27 years explodes in M82 galaxy (2014, January 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( —A supernova has been spotted in the constellation Ursa Major (between the Big and Little Dipper in the night sky) in the M82 galaxy (affectionately known as the cigar galaxy) by a team of students at University College London. The discovery was posted on the Central Bureau’s Transient Object Confirmation Page which led to follow-up observations by other teams around the world. It’s real, and not only is it bright enough for amateur astronomer’s to view, but it’s the closet known supernova explosion since 1987. Initial study has revealed the supernova to be classified as 1a, the type described by astronomers as “standard candles” because their brightness is uniform enough to allow for using them to measure distances across the universe. Sometimes they start out as a white dwarf, pulling in material from around them until they reach a critical mass and explode. Other times they are the result of two such stars (binaries) colliding.What’s perhaps most exciting about this newest observation is that it’s so close (just 11.4 million light years from us) that it’s likely that images of the star that exploded have been previously recorded by different telescopes around the globe which means scientists might be able to watch the process that led to the supernova occurring, something that has never been seen before. If that turns out to be the case, other space researchers note, the stage could be set for allowing for reducing uncertainties in measuring dark energy—standard candle observations are the means by which such theories first came to exist after all. Also, while the explosion has undoubtedly unleashed a torrent of neutrinos, its unlikely monitors here on Earth will notice much of an uptic in activity due to distance and them getting lost in other sources.Because of the timing of the discovery, it appears that there is more to come—it’s going to get brighter over the next few days before growing dimmer and dimmer, eventually fading to black. That means that anyone wishing to observe a supernova as its happening can do so—likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Binoculars should be enough, though a telescope would be much better. Universe Today has published a map to help those looking find it. © 2014 More information: … upernova-in-m82.html Credit: UCL/University of London Observatory/Steve Fossey/Ben Cooke/Guy Pollack/Matthew Wilde/Thomas Wrightlast_img read more

18th edition of Stylefile held in city

first_imgKolkata: Stylefile, Kolkata’s eagerly-awaited lifestyle exhibition, was held on Saturday at The Old Bungalow on Burdwan Road in Alipore. The eighteenth edition of Stylefile was attended by a galaxy of leading designers, sculptors, painters and jewellers, who showcased their creations. Some promising new names also took part in the event.Urban Architecture was the chosen canvas of Stylefile that showcased the latest in lifestyle, fashion and art. Juxtaposing geometric patterns of the cityscape with contemporary pieces from a selection of artists, Stylefile: Urban Geometry aimed at the convergence of fashion, art and architecture. The Night Bazaar remained open on Saturday from 3 pm to 11 pm. Preeti Goenka, co-founder and organiser of the event, said: “This year, we have celebrated fashion, art and design and instilled innovation and imagination to make our everyday life inspiring.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAccording to Sumedha Saraogi, who co-founded Stylefile 16 years ago on October 5, 2002, “We put in a lot of effort to curate this year’s Stylefile, with a never before seen collection of fashion, accessories and art. Among the participants, there were stalwarts who are always there with us in Stylefile. We also had some new designers, as well as a few who came back after a gap.” Apart from designers and artists from UK, Israel and Pakistan, there was participation from cities all across the country, like Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam etc.last_img read more

Steps to boost tourism prospects of Plassey Sabujdweep

first_imgKolkata: State Tourism Minister Goutam Deb in the Assembly said that his department has been exploring tourism potentials at Sabujdweep in Hooghly and Plassey in Nadia along with many others.In reply to a question on an MLA, the minister told the House that steps have been taken to promote Sabujdwip as a major tourist destination. A process has been started to set up a jetty there. The minister also said that there some litigations. After the legal issues are resolved the development works would be carried out in a full swing. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe minister also told the Assembly that there are plans to develop Plassey in Nadia which carries a historical significance. A gate would be set up to commemorate the historical event. State Heritage Commission has given certain directives which his department will adhere to, Deb added. He also pointed out that all possibilities are being explored to make it a favourite tourist place. There are mainly two islands in Sabujdweep. One is of around 55 acre and the other of 44 acre. The work to develop it as an eco-friendly cultural tourism spot was initiated. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAccording to sources, the state Tourism department has taken up steps to create infrastructure to develop cultural tourism destinations at places including Jharkhali in South 24-Parganas, Sabujdeep at Balagarh in Hooghly and Gajoldoba in North Bengal. In each of these places, there will be a separate area exclusively for performance of artistes. At the same time local artisans will be making handicrafts in these tourist spots and can sell the same to tourists. The minister also reminded the House that many development works have been carried out Murshidabad as well where a large number of people visit every year. The Motijheel had already been renovated by the Tourism department.last_img read more

Facebook Is Getting Ready to Roll Out New Events Features

first_imgAugust 17, 2015 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 6 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals This story originally appeared on Engadget In the latest Facebook earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook Events now has 450 million users, a big jump in numbers that he says is now of “global scale.” Of course, any Facebook user can tell you that this momentum with Events has been building for a while now. After all, why use sites like Evite and Eventbrite to organize parties if you can do so on a site that your friends and family likely already use? But the company isn’t stopping there. In the coming weeks and months, Facebook is about to add even more features to Events, with a big push toward creating a bigger separation between public and private occasions.Aditya Koolwal, the product manager for Facebook’s Events team, says that event listings is perhaps one of the few things that Facebook is uniquely positioned to do really well. Not only do most people use the social network to connect with their friends and family, but also artists and venues that frequently organize events are on Facebook too. Put the two together, and you’ve got the makings of an events juggernaut.But it wasn’t until a few years ago that Facebook realized this potential. For a while, the Events system on Facebook was just a simple web-invite product geared toward organizing private gatherings like birthday parties. Then Koolwal joined the team a year and a half ago and started looking into how it was actually used. It turns out that more than 50 percent of people used Events for public events, not parties. That includes examples like farmer’s markets, concerts, music festivals, book readings — basically the sort of thing that you would normally find in the calendar section of the local newspaper.”We realized that we hadn’t really built a product that was for public events,” says Koolwal. “So we decided that we’re going to really pursue private parties and public events as two separate paths.” This means that Facebook is now starting to treat public and private events very differently, presenting and promoting them in distinct ways. You can already see the separation on how it’s marketing the two paths in an events guide that Facebook launched a few weeks ago.For one thing, public events now have larger header images. Going forward, they’ll also have more context about what the place and event are about. Perhaps you’d see a profile of the artist if it’s a concert, or photos of the venue if you’re wondering what it looks like. Wall posts on public events will be less prominent, because you likely don’t care too much about what strangers have to say about them.Facebook has also started experimenting with adding events popular with friends or popular nearby in the left- and right-hand side columns of the site. As you might expect, Facebook is using the information it gleans about you — the pages you like, the groups you’re a part of — to suss out what kinds of events you might be into. And if you seem interested in ’em, it’ll surface even more related events for you. You might notice more suggested events in your newsfeed as a result.Aside from spotlighting events in your newsfeed, Facebook wants to use notifications to keep you up-to-date on the latest goings-on as well. A few months ago, for example, it introduced the ability to subscribe to event calendars, which are sometimes published by performers or venues. So if you’re subscribed to the SF Symphony and there’s a concert coming up this weekend, you’ll get an alert for it. There might be future plans for implementing notifications in events too, like recommendations for what to do this weekend if you’re in town.One other thing that the Facebook team is changing is this notion of what it means to “connect” to an event. Right now, if you’re interested in an event, your only option of indicating enthusiasm is to select “Join.” In normal parlance, that means that you’re telling the organizer that you’re going to attend. But Koolwal says that in most cases, people select Join not because they’re actually going to attend, but because they’re simply just flagging it for a follow-up. “A lot of what people are doing is collecting options,” he says. “So at a given day, they’ll look at their options and choose the best one.” Right now the company is testing alternate options, like a “Follow” button, where you’ll get event updates and so forth without committing to it, or a “Remind me” link to check out the event closer to the actual date.Personally, what I really want out of an events site is to give me a tailored list of what’s going on this evening or this weekend in any given city. It’s what I miss the most about, a social calendar site that was bought and then put out to pasture by Yahoo (although it’s currently being rescued by founder Andy Baio). Koolwal tells me that this is actually Facebook’s eventual goal, but it’s implementing the other changes to first bring greater awareness about events in the first place.As for private parties, Facebook’s going to be mixing that up too. Starting today, it will start testing new cover art themes for prettying up your party invitation on the Facebook app. It’s something that users have wanted for a while now, says Koolwal. To start, there’ll be 36 themes to choose from, including categories like family, holiday and seasons. It’ll roll out to Android users first and then iOS folks later on.”We’re the only Facebook team that’s geared towards getting you off of Facebook,” jokes Koolwal. “We’re helping people get outside for a change.” Register Now »last_img read more