Health tourism needs stronger promotion outside Croatia

20 Nov 2020 admin

first_imgA session of the Council of the Community of Health Tourism at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce was held, where it was concluded that health tourism needs stronger promotion outside the borders of Croatia, and that Croatia should be put on the medical map of the world.”We are still not on the medical map of the world. We have made some development strides, but insufficient for significant participation in the medical tourism market, whose annual turnover is estimated at more than 100 billion US dollars, with a projection of future annual growth of 15 to 20 percent”, Said Ognjen Bagatin, director of the Bagatin Polyclinic at the session of the Council of the Community of Health Tourism (ZZT) at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.Although there are about 1.100 medical tourism service providers in Croatia, only five percent of tourists (patients) come from foreign markets, primarily from Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “This is extremely small, but the potential for the development of health tourism in Croatia, as a year-round tourism product, is very large, and research tells us that foreign tourists in this segment spend 2,5 times more than domestic”, Bagatin emphasized.At the session of the ZZT Council, speaking about the activities achieved in 2016, Leila Krešić-Jurić, director of the HGK Tourism Sector, commented on the HGK’s membership in Espa (European Spas Association), which is a lobbying body for health tourism at the European level. She drew attention to the need for a clearer definition of the parameters that need to be statistically monitored, then to the tax policy for wellness, to the EU Health Care Directive and more.The ZZT Council has adopted a work plan for next year in which the emphasis is on promotion in foreign markets through joint appearances at fairs and through education on how to do business with foreign markets and the menu according to the requirements of legislation and markets. It is also proposed to introduce a systematic survey of medical and wellness tourism entities, for which indicators at the assessment level have been presented to date. In addition, standard projects and activities of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will be announced, such as benchmarking analysis of health resorts and special hospitals, Tourist Flower for spas and wellness hotels, Buy Croatian-Croatian product for Croatian tourism, HTI health tourism conferences, lobbying for amendments to relevant laws and membership in the Espa.”Health tourism must be part of the integrated Croatian tourist offer. ” pointed out Marcel Medak, President of the Health Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, while at the session Ingrid Badurina Danielsson presented Taste the Mediterranean Festival which will be held with the next HTI conference, from February 28 to March 2, 2017 in Rovinj. “Mediterranean cuisine has been included in the list of cultural heritage by UNESCO as the healthiest cuisine in the world, which should be used to enrich the offer of health tourism.”. The final conclusion is that it is necessary to move in the direction of gathering a critical mass of health tourism service providers in order to attract more agents at a stronger performance at the identified key fairs and to gain the support of the Croatian National Tourist Board.last_img

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