Technology: Top Technologies in 2013 for Information Management

17 Dec 2019 admin

first_imgGartner recently named the top nine technology trends that they see will have an major impact in modernizing information management (IM) in 2013. Regina Casonato, managing vice president at Gartner, said that “Information is one of the four powerful forces changing the way business is done.  Significant innovation continues in the field of information management (IM) technologies and practices driven by the volume, velocity and variety of information, and the huge amount of value — and potential liability — locked inside all this ungoverned and underused information.” Big DataModern Information InfrastructureSemantic TechnologiesThe Logical Data WarehouseNoSQL DBMSsIn-Memory ComputingChief Data Officer and Other Information-Centric RolesInformation Stewardship ApplicationsInformation Valuation/Infonomicslast_img

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